Grade 4 - December 1 / 2017


We launched Seasaw to our Grade 4 parent community today. We are very excited to be sharing this online portfolio with all of you! Ask your child to guide you through it and share some of their photos and reflections. If you have any questions or trouble logging in, please contact your homeroom teacher.

Students have been busy working on the summative task, a Google Slides presentation, for our “Who We Are” unit. The task is transdisciplinary and integrates many different skills. Students are collecting, organizing, and presenting their findings. The majority of their information came from books or online encyclopedias that were catalogued in their bibliography using EasyBib. We connected the task to math and asked students to find the area of their province in km2.

Reading skills include identifying and using text features (images, captions, headings, etc) to convey meaning and organize information. Students had to summarize and cite specific details that they learned from all the books they consulted about Canada’s provinces and territories. While writing on their slides, they were tasked with using appropriate terminology (industry, resources, agriculture, forestry, climate, etc). Lastly, they will be developing their oral communication skills so that they present clearly and confidently. It’s a big integration of many different skills!

We have kicked off our multiplication and division unit. Students have been reviewing multiplication strategies such as arrays, repeated addition, groups of, skip counting and base 10 blocks. Students are encouraged to review times tables at home and use the websites available to you through the Junior School Resource Page. Math Playground is a popular one.

Looking Ahead

Grade 4 have been busy working on our ‘Who We Are’ summatives as we wrap up our Canada unit. We are looking forward to our next unit of inquiry - ‘How The World Works’ - Light and Sound.


Please encourage your child to pack their own bags at night. Homework folders and agendas should be returned daily.

Students should have black dress shoes at school for the winter uniform and a second pair of outdoor shoes or boots for recess and dismissal.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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