Grade 4 - January 12 / 2018


The Grade 4 students were excited to see all their friends again after a long and well-deserved break! This week, students had an opportunity to set some goals for the new year and describe the steps they need to take to achieve them. We look forward to sharing these goals during our next Student-Centered Conferences in February.

We are continuing lessons on procedural writing. Soon, we will commence our second Novel Study. In Math, we are beginning a unit about patterning and algebra. Our Inquiry Unit into light and sound continues into the new year for the next few weeks. On Monday, we will be treated to a presentation by Juliana Agostino (Science teacher at 1320). She will be leading both classes through sound experiments.

Students are reminded that black shoes are mandatory. They should also have a pair of indoor running shoes. Consider packing an extra pair of socks for those days with soggy boots.
In French, students are continuing to practise for the play Louis la grenouille. They are encouraged to practise their lines at home in preparation for the final performance taking place toward the end of the month. They can access the play through the AIM Portal. More details on the final performance will be shared in the coming weeks.

A new face in Grade 4!

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My name is Sheryl Faith and I'm an educator and a life-long artist who has always enjoyed surrounding myself with creative opportunities. I began my career in 2005 teaching Grade 5 at The York School for 6 years, then moved into the role of Middle School Director of Student Life and eventually became a grade 6 English/Humanities specialist. Two years ago, I moved to Melbourne with my Aussie husband and two little girls and worked at a wonderful PYP school as a Grade 6 teacher. I recently returned to Canada, and I'm so excited to be back in The York School community teaching Art in the Junior School!  





Looking Ahead

The York School is proud to announce that NBA & International Shooting/Skills Development Coach, David Nurse, is returning, and bringing with him the Toronto Raptors’ own Norm Powell and OG Anunoby! Sessions take place April 6th - 8th in our gym at 1320 Yonge Street. Sign up here today!

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Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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