Grade 4 - February 23 / 2018

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Parent Compass Points Feedback Meetings Reminder

In The FLASH last week, we invited all Junior School parents to attend a follow up Compass Points coffee morning on either:

Monday Feb. 26th @ 8:30 a.m. or

Tuesday March 6th @ 8:30 a.m.

Both meetings will take place in the Junior School Cafeteria and will cover the same content. For parents who can't attend either coffee morning, we will include a summary in The Flash

We hope you are able to attend.


Val and Struan


We are coming to the end of our geometry unit. Students have been working with quadrilaterals and identifying characteristics. We have also enjoyed learning all about angles and working with protractors. Students are able to classify, draw and measure angles.

We continue to look at social and physical characteristics of early societies and this week we did a class project about the ancient Aztecs. This activity prepares students for our upcoming summative. They have been working on their research skills online and with books. As well as taking notes, putting info into their own words, citing their resources and making connections.

We are continuing with our spelling programme as well as narratives and creative writing.

Filming for the French plays was a huge success! Please click here for the link to the videos. They are labeled according to class and group number. Enjoy!

In PSE class, as part of our “changemakers” theme, we have been using a “choice map” to help answer the line of inquiry, “Can we change our thoughts and feelings?” We read the story, A Bike Like Sergio’s, and used the problem of the main character to map out his choices and help to see the connection between actions, thoughts and feelings. In the story, the main character, Ruben, was faced with the decision to keep the $100 he found and buy a bike like his friend’s, or return the money to its rightful owner. Through mapping, the students discovered that a mix of thoughts and feelings are involved when making choices, but when Ruben wanted to feel proud, happy and relieved, he knew he had to give the money back.

Looking Ahead

Spring Athletics

We are nearing the end of the Winter Season, and looking forward to Spring!  We are please to offer several GADPs and team sports for our Spring Season - click here to see the schedule (scroll down to page 3 for Spring).  The registration link will be in The Flash next Friday.

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