Grade 4 - April 20 / 2018


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We had a busy, full week with our very first track meet. You should have seen the track team on Thursday morning, barely able to make it down the staircase with their aching legs! We continued our exploration of fractions and will be transitioning to relating fractions and decimals, including tenths and hundredths, as well as how these relate to money amounts. Now’s a good time to empty the piggy bank and ask students to try finding out how much is in there. It’s a great math exercise. We are continuing with our spelling programme and persuasive writing. The students are so excited to share some of their learning with you next week. Looking forward to seeing all of you at Student-Led Conference next Thursday, April 26th!

In Art, the grade 4 students have started a stand-alone unit on optical art, which uses value, colour and line, 3 Elements of Design, to create the effect of movement and depth.  

Students enjoyed story time in French this week with a Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood inspired tale called, “Les trois petites chattes et le grand méchant chien”.

York News TV

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(Alice, Annie, Chase, Ryan, Tristan and Romi)

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