Grade 4 - April 27 / 2018


Thank you so much for participating in our Student-led conferences. The students were thrilled to have the chance to show you their world at school and share some of their learning with you. As teachers, we admired seeing the students enthusiastically engaged with you!

We are looking forward to our trip to the ROM on Monday, April 30th. Students are to wear their York School uniforms and lunch will be provided for students on the school meal plan. We will not be purchasing lunch or snacks at the ROM.

On Thursday, May 3rd, we will be walking to the Middle and Senior School to participate in the ‘Challenge Week Science Experience’. We will be leaving our campus at 10:00 a.m. and will return in time for lunch.

In French, students were given their roles for the play, "Chat Angora". They are excited to begin rehearsals and start learning their lines. The play script can be found on the AIM Portal.

In Music, "Battle of the Bands" is underway. Students are finalizing their song selections with their groups. The next step will be to analyze these songs and apply music theory skills to find out which key their song is in, the chord pattern used as well as the form (structure) of the song. Once they are knowledgeable about their chosen song, rehearsal for their cover performance will commence.


May 1st marks the first day of summer uniform. Should your child choose to wear summer uniform, please ensure their uniform meets the school's uniform policy. Should your child wish to continue wearing their winter uniform, they may do that too, but again, must meet the uniform policy.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.