Grade 4 - May 4 / 2018

The York Shop
The York Shop is clearing out all of the new uniform (sample sizing) with the same pricing as Top Marks. We have one of most uniform items, with the exception of green golf shirts for summer uniform.  Please email me your child’s name, grade, size and item of interest to inquire. Items will be delivered to either reception area for pick up. First come, first served. Contact:

We had a busy and unusual week with a field trip to the ROM. Thank you to our many parent volunteers for lending a hand. We also had an exciting Thursday! Yesterday, students visited the Senior School for the morning to participate in some science activities and experiments facilitated by Senior School Science students. In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to watch the play, “Tree Boy” by the To Be Determined Theater Company.

On the other days, students began uncovering the relationship between fractions and decimal tenths. They also continued honing their persuasive writing skills and have been sharing their artefacts with their peers in brief presentations. We have been reading non-fiction texts about food webs and assessing the impact it has when an animal in the chain disappears by human or natural causes. Next week, we begin our third and final novel study. We have a great array of classics and a few newer texts that the students had a chance to learn about before choosing which they were most interested in reading!

4A would like to thank Matt Corrin for taking the time to speak to our class last Friday. His presentation about GRIT and Growth Mindset was engaging and inspiring! Thank you so much!

In French, the Grade 4s took a vote to choose their audience for presenting their next play, Chat Angora. Both classes decided to film their plays as usual! Filming will take place toward the end of May/beginning of June. Stay tuned for more details.

In Art, the Grade 4s are completing their stand-alone optical art pieces. In the next few weeks, they’ll be moving onto a clay unit that connects to their Sharing the planet unit on minerals and rocks.

Looking Ahead
This month, we will be looking at the human development component of our programme. Human development is a part of the Health and Physical Education Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. The aim of our programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives and enable them to lead healthy lives.

Students may have awkward or nervous feelings about this unit. In light of these potential feelings, students will never be called on to answer questions. Only students who volunteer to answer a question will be called upon. There will be an anonymous question box available throughout the unit for those who have questions they may not be comfortable asking in front of the class.

The Human Development component in Grade 4 focuses on the following outcomes:

Puberty - the physical changes that occur in males and females

Personal Hygiene - Personal care needs and the application of personal hygiene practices associated with the onset of puberty (body, skin and oral care)

For your reference:

Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum (health expectations start on pg. 155 in document) -

Closing Assembly
On Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10:45 a.m., the Junior School students and faculty will gather in the gym at the Junior School for our closing assembly. In the past, a closing ceremony was held at the Middle and Senior School on the last day of school; however, this year, to include our JK and SK students and to make the length of the assembly more reasonable for our young learners, the assembly is at the Junior School.

Parent will have an opportunity to view the assembly via a live stream and a video that will be shared after the assembly. Students look forward to welcoming parents to the class parties that will take place in the afternoon in each classroom. Thank you for your support!

Summer uniform officially began this week. Please note that summer uniform is optional. However, it is important that children are wearing the appropriate uniform. Please see the infographic below for assistance. Any colour running shoe may be worn, but it is recommended to have a pair for indoors and outdoors, especially on rainy days.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.