Grade 4 - May 17 / 2018

Our Junior French teacher, Ashley Beatty, is having a baby and will begin her maternity leave in the next few weeks. Lara Irick will be covering the maternity leave, teaching Grades 3-5, for the remainder of this school year and during the 2018-2019 school year. Madame Irick already knows the students as she has often supply taught in the Junior School. Madame Irick will be co-teaching with Madame Beatty until Madame Beatty takes leave. We wish Madame Beatty the best of luck and welcome Madame Irick to The York School!

Camp George
Forms for Camp George are due today, Friday, May 18th. If you have not already done so, please make sure to get all forms signed and handed in. Many thanks.

We kicked off our new unit under the transdisciplinary theme of Sharing the Planet. This unit mostly relates to rocks, minerals, and mining. On Thursday, we began our final novel study. Students have some assigned reading and work due for next Friday, so it will be good to check in with them to make sure they are effectively managing their time! In Math, we have been completing calculations with money and learning how to make change by subtracting and choosing the right coins. Let your child make purchases at the store with cash, or try making simulated purchases at home. Show them the bill at the restaurant and discuss how you find how much tip is necessary. If they have a piggy bank, they could open it up, estimate how much is inside, and then count it up!

Next week is another 4 day week, and it’s even shorter for the track & field team who has their finals on Tuesday! We will continue our exploration of rocks and minerals by learning about the rock cycle.

In French, Grade 4s were introduced to a new challenge! To continue playing at home, use the link here.

In Art, the students have begun their clay unit, which connects to their present unit on rocks and minerals. We discussed the properties of clay and how various metals or minerals change its colour and texture. They will be making two clay pieces, a tile that shows the habitat that they studied in the previous unit and a pinch pot planter.

In PSE we continue to learn about the Thinkable and Unthinkable characters from the Superflex programme. The students are now creating their own Thinkable or Unthinkable character. This activity allows them to exercise their creativity and self-awareness skills as they create a character that is not represented by the programme list. Here are some of their creations: Enthusiastic Eddie - makes you celebrate what you or others are doing, Screen-Glued Sally - makes you not able to get off your devices, Lazy Larry - makes you not able to find the energy to do things. Stay tuned as these creations will be going home in the next couple weeks.

Looking Ahead
This month, we will be looking at the human development component of our programme. Human development is a part of the Health and Physical Education Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. The aim of our programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives and enable them to lead healthy lives.

Students may have awkward or nervous feelings about this unit. In light of these potential feelings, students will never be called on to answer questions. Only students who volunteer to answer a question will be called upon. There will be an anonymous question box available throughout the unit for those who have questions they may not be comfortable asking in front of the class.

The Human Development component in Grade 4 focuses on the following outcomes:

Puberty - the physical changes that occur in males and females

Personal Hygiene - Personal care needs and the application of personal hygiene practices associated with the onset of puberty (body, skin and oral care)

For your reference:

Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum (health expectations start on page 155 in the document)

In Music, Grade 4s are working on a Battle of the Bands unit. On Friday, May 25th, they will present a medley of their band performances at the Junior School assembly at 8.30 AM. The students are excited to share a snapshot of their learning, instrumental and vocal skills with the community. Parents are welcome to attend.

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