Grade 4 - September 14 / 2018

2018 GR4.JPG
2018 GR 4.JPG


This week in Art, the Grade 4s created a collage self portrait. Students drew their face using sharpie marker and on top of their head they created a collage representing their personality.

In French, students have been reviewing the gestures associated with various vocabulary words that they have learned. To solidify these, the classes played a game of Bingo for “jeux jeudi”!

Unit of Inquiry

We have kicked off our first unit, “How we express ourselves”. As we use our Chromebooks more often, this will be a good opportunity to learn how to become better digital citizens.

Central idea - Media is a powerful tool that influences the decisions people make.

  • Lines of inquiry:

  • the responsibilities of good digital citizens

  • the choices we make as part of an online community

  • the effects of our online actions on ourselves and others

Math - Number Sense and Numeration

Next week, we will explore ways to represent whole numbers.


We will do a review of sentence structure and parts of a sentence, followed by practicing how to write an effective opening statement.

This year we would like to build our students’ reading stamina. Please support your child by helping them to read at least twenty minutes every day. This can be individual reading, or reading together as a family. Also, please remind your child to have a book at school to read during the school day.


Please see our schedules linked below. Please note that subject blocks may change from time to time but we will use this as a guide.

We have a few reminders for the students. Please support your child by helping them to remember the following:

  1. Students are required to have indoor/Phys Ed shoes and outdoor shoes. We will remind them to change their shoes upon entering the classroom. Please ensure your child has both sets of shoes.

  2. Students are encouraged to keep a water bottle in the classroom and take it home on the weekend for cleaning

  3. Students need to bring their Agendas and Homework folder to and from school everyday.

Looking Ahead

Junior Choir will commence on Thursdays (new day this year) from 10.00-10.45am. All students in grades three, four and five are welcome to attend. The first rehearsal will be on Thursday September 27th and will run for all three terms.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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