Grade 4 - September 28 / 2018

Reminder that attendance is taken after Oh Canada at 8:25am.



  • Agendas - please bring agendas to and from school every day

  • Indoor shoes - all students need a pair of gym shoes and a pair of outdoor shoes

  • Fall weather -all students need to be prepared for all types of weather in the fall

Math - Number Sense and Numeration

We will continue to look at place value, ways to represent numbers as well as rounding numbers.

On occasion, students will be assigned skills on IXL. We encourage at least 20 minutes per week. Please note that IXL is not mandatory.


We will continue to review sentence structure, with a focus on capitals, punctuation, nouns, verbs and adjectives. We are also exploring creative writing through our journal entries and writing workshop sessions. We will be starting ‘Words Their Way’(Spelling Programme) next week so please keep an eye out for your child’s word list.


Next week, we will begin our next unit Who We Are, in which we will explore how the Canadian landscapes influences our communities. Our first unit, How We Express Ourselves will be thread throughout our year. We will revisit it many times, waiting to complete a summative assessment until later in the year.


This week in Art, the Grade 4s began creating their Frida Kahlo inspired animal portraits. Students drew an animal of their choice on a canvas and painted it using water colour paint. Next week, they will use acrylic paint and Sharpie markers to add detail.


Students have been assigned their roles for our first play of the year, “Louis la grenouille”. We have logged on to the AIM Portal during class and they are encouraged to do so at home in order to practice their lines!

The portal login can be accessed here:


In connection with their current unit focussing on Digital Citizenship, we have been discussing the complex issue of copyright in music. Students had many questions about why it’s okay to have pre-existing songs in movies. We also discussed our responsibilities regarding the issue of downloading music.


In PHE, we have finished our unit on team building and cooperative games. The students worked together to problem solve by using their communication and listening skills. Everyone encouraged each other, had a positive attitude and had fun!


Junior Choir will commence on Thursdays (new day this year) from 10.00-10.45am. All students in grades three, four and five are welcome to attend. The first rehearsal will be on Thursday September 27th and will run for all three terms.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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