Grade 4 - September 22 / 2017

Weekly Highlights:

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We had an exciting week in Grade 4!

Our annual grade Leadership Fair was a big success! Students were introduced to many leadership roles around the school and had the opportunity to pick their top choices. Final selections will be made in the coming weeks.

Students are encouraged to pack their bags independently and to return their homework folders and agendas to the classroom every morning. Some reminders at the start of the year or a system in place at home to ensure it isn’t forgotten are appreciated!

Students have started reading books from the “Who Is…?” “Who Was…?’ series and will be sharing them with their peers in literature circles during our library periods. Both classes completed a diagnostic writing assessment to learn more about their strengths and areas for improvement in writing this year.

The students have been representing numbers in various ways. They have also been using their number sense to round and compare whole numbers. Next week the students will start using mental math to add and be introduced to some strategies to add larger numbers. We will be exploring data management during our unit about digital media. Students have taken a tally of what devices they have in their homes and will be working with that data in the coming weeks.

Our media unit is in full swing as we are exploring different types of media with a focus on digital media. The students have talked about their rings of responsibility while on- or off-line. Mr. Shaikh stopped by to teach the students about digital citizenship and safety and Ms. Faba will also be working with students throughout this unit, discussing media through a social/emotional context.

Classes took home a Scholastic order form. If you would like anything, please return it by Monday.

Grade 4 students are required to spend 30 minutes per week on IXL. Each week, the homeroom teachers will provide guidance as to what skill or math strand to work on. It must be completed by Friday.
IXL is a quiz-based interface with a simple white background, multiple-choice, or text input answers. It tracks a student’s progress and dynamically changes the content to suit the learner. In fact, the algorithm that modifies what questions are being asked is very intuitive. It takes into consideration accuracy and time taken to complete the problem. It is also linked to the Ontario Curriculum.
While on IXL, students are encouraged to have scrap paper to jot down their thinking for longer or more complex problems.

Curriculum Night and Schedules
If you weren’t able to attend curriculum night, you can find our presentation in PDF format, as well as a copy of both 4A and 4B’s schedules in this folder.

Students learned how to sign into the AIM portal in French class this week. Please follow the instructions below to login at home. Students, particularly those who are new to French and/or the AIM program, are encouraged to practise the actions a few nights each week.
Go to: (*Link also found on YorkNet under Grade 4 resources)
Username: First name and initial of last name (Ex. Alice Abud = AliceA)
Password: grade4
Go to: Regarder des vidéos → Les actions → Section A
           Regarder des vidéos → Les actions → Niveau 2 → Section A
           Regarder des vidéos → Les actions → Niveau 2 → Section A

Please respect the rules of the road at drop off and pick up and follow proper York School procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Fall 2017 Co-Curricular Programme commenced the week of September 18th and continues until December 21st.

Looking Ahead:

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Alex A.’s books will be available for purchase in English and French.

Please click HERE to complete the electronic permission form for your child[ren] to purchase books at this event and charge them to their York account.

If you any any queries, please feel free to contact Ms. Spencer, Junior School Librarian at