Grade 4 - September 29 / 2017

Weekly Highlights:

We had an exciting week in Grade 4!

Students are encouraged to pack their bags independently and to return their homework folders and agendas to the classroom every morning. Some reminders at the start of the year or a system in place at home to ensure it isn’t forgotten are appreciated!

Students worked on summarizing a portion of their Who Is novel by considering the characters involved and problems they’re facing. Next week’s comprehension strategy focus will be questioning and how to ask complex questions while reading to help build an understanding of what has been read. 

We continue to work on recount writing with an emphasis on transition words, adjectives, and adding supporting detail and voice to their writing. The students have had some opportunities to write recounts, and we are developing some component skills so their future pieces are more refined and reflective.

We explored estimating sums and will continue to introduce more strategies to add larger numbers. We have gathered data from our digital device surveys and will be using them to demonstrate bar graphs.

Students explored the difference between personal and private information and considered how information might be used online. We discussed how we don’t always know people’s intentions online so it’s important to be discerning about what we share. We’ll explore the concept of cyberbullying and the power of words, as well as digital footprints in future inquiries.

Grade 4 students are required to spend 30 minutes per week on IXL. Each week, the homeroom teachers will provide guidance as to what skill or math strand to work on. It must be completed by Friday.

2017-alex-a_24837737 (1).png

In French this week, students watched the video of the play, Louis la grenouille, in addition to continuing to practise the actions. Please see below for instructions on how to login, and get to the video of the play.

Go to: (*Link also found on YorkNet under Grade 4 resources)
Username: First name and initial of last name (Ex. Alice Abud = AliceA)
Password: grade4
Go to: Regarder des vidéos → Les actions → Section A
           Regarder des vidéos → La pièce avec les actions
           Regarder des vidéos → La pièce

Who were the Beatles and why was music so important to them as individuals before becoming part of the most famous band of all time? This is one of the questions we are exploring in music class. Students are very curious about their musical memories and the pieces and/or songs they were listening to as babies and young children. Perhaps you could remind them by revisiting this music over dinner or in the car to see their reaction. Students might ask you about songs that were special to you in your school and teenage years. Musical memory tags songs and/or pieces that are special to us with a memory and an emotion. Once we hear this song or piece, we are usually immediately transported back to that memory and emotion.

Looking Ahead:

Co-Curricular Programme Dates:
December 18th - 21st       Last week of Fall 2017 Co-Curricular Programme
November 24th                 Winter 2018 Co-Curricular Programme Guide online
December 7th - 10th         Winter 2018 Co-Curricular Programme online registration
January 9th - March 9th    Winter 2018 Co-Curricular Programme

New Circles: The Junior School continues their support of New Circles Community Services. New Circles is a not-for-profit, grass-roots agency that builds strong and caring communities by providing basic necessities to those living in poverty. We provide much needed clothing, social programs, and skill building opportunities to individuals living on a low-income, with a focus on residents of Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Victoria Village, and Taylor-Massey (including Crescent Town), many of whom are newcomers to Canada. Each year New Circles collects gently used Halloween costumes for children. They already have appointments for 400 families and now have a waitlist because they are in need of more costumes. Here is their website for more information about the organization and this programme. The Junior School will be collecting gently used costumes from Monday, October 2 to Friday, October 13th. Bins will be in the Gathering Place for items. 

Family Tech Morning: Please mark your calendars for the Grade 4 Family Tech Morning on Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the Junior School cafeteria. Join Grade 4 students and teachers alongside Justin Medved, Elissa Kline-Beber, and explore what being a digital citizen is like at The York School. Students will be a part of the discussion for the first 45 minutes and then they will return to class. Parents are invited to stay to discuss how to parent a digital native. A tough job! An invitation and R.S.V.P. will be sent soon. 


Please respect the rules of the road at drop off and pick up and follow proper York School procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.