Grade 4 - April 12 / 2019


On Wednesday April 24th, we will walk to Oriole Park to celebrate Earth Day and participate in experiential activities related to our unit. Please consider the following to help your child prepare for this outing:

  • Students on meal programme will be provided a packed lunch for the day, but they need to bring a water bottle with them

  • Dress for the weather! Students are allowed to wear their gym clothes to school. It is advisable to have extra layers and be prepared for rain/cooler temperatures.

A gentle reminder that all student absences should be emailed to
As well, if your child arrives late, please have them sign in with Ms. Kate or reception.

Grade 4 and 5 Camp: Parent Information Meeting

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Artifacts due - April 18th

The students have this notice in their Agendas:

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In Math, we will continue to explore the relationship between fractions and decimals. The students will be comparing and ordering, adding and subtracting decimals, working with fractions and mixed numbers, and finding lowest common denominators.

If you are looking for some Mathematics apps to add to your child’s at-home device, here are some recommendations:


In Literacy, we are brushing up our skills to prepare for our next writing form - persuasive writing! We are practicing using paragraph form, writing an engaging opening sentence, providing evidence and examples to prove our point and writing a summary/closing statement.


In Unit, we will continue to inquire into how human interactions impact the natural resources and all living things in a habitat.


In PHE, students are continuing to broaden their Badminton skills. We have explored the forehand, backhand, and overhead clear. Students have also practised serving technique. We will continue Badminton for another week, where students will play games to enhance their skills.


In Music, we completed our reading of Jukebox Time Machine and begun to explore the musical elements in the variety of songs included from the 50s to the 00’s. We will look at what they have in common and how they are different.


In French, students were introduced to their new play “Chat Angora.” We read out the play together and watch the video on AIM portal. Next week, we will start to talk about the characters they would like to play for the next performance. At home you can encourage this change by asking your children to talk about the characters in “Chat Angora” and what happens in the play. Next week, students will also get their AIM portal login for “Chat Angora” so they can start practicing at home.

CISMF Performace

Congratulations to the Junior Choir students who participated in the CISMF rehearsal and performance last weekend. They were excellent York school Ambassadors and loved being part of such a large choir. The York School was also awarded the CIS Winter Classic Breezin’ Thru Theory first runner up award. We placed 2nd after the overall winners - St Andrew’s College out of a total of twenty-five CIS schools.


In Art class, the Grade 4 students will be creating their own ceramic planters which we will use to plant some organic garden vegetables in support of Earth Day.

International Week is Here!

The York School’s very first International Week is set to take place from Monday, April 15th to Thursday, April 18th. Students will participate in an international activity every day, culminating in a Parade of Nations and activity afternoon on Thursday, April 18th. Please send your child to school on Thursday with an outfit to represent their country, that they can change into after lunch. This could be clothing, jewelry, accessories, flags or cultural items. The Parade of Nations will take place from 1:15pm - 2:00pm on Thursday, April 18th and students will be following a parade route around the neighbourhood. Parents are welcome to come to this event. If you have any questions about International Week, please e-mail Andrea Hughes at

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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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