Grade 4 - Sept. 19 / 2019


Unit of Inquiry

We have kicked off our first unit, “How we express ourselves”. As we use our Chromebooks more often, this will be a good opportunity to learn how to become better digital citizens. This unit will run for the entire year. We will dip in and out of this unit as we feel necessary. Mr. Shaikh and Mr. Medved will augment this unit as we go along. 

We would also like to remind you about the information session on Digital Citizenship on Thursday, October 17th from 7-9 pm. We hope to see you all there.

Our next unit is under the theme of Who We Are. This unit explores the political and physical regions of Canada and will last about six weeks.

Central Idea:  People share a similar set of characteristics influenced by the land they live.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Political and physical regions of Canada (form)

  • The relationship between the natural environment and industrial development (perspective)

  • Balancing human needs and wants with environmental stewardship (responsibility)


This coming week in Mathematics, we will be focussing on whole numbers.

Specifically, these are the objectives of this math unit:

  1. Recognize and read numbers from 1 to 10,000

  2. Use place value to represent numbers

  3. Compare and order numbers

  4. Estimate sums and differences

  5. Add and subtract 3-digit numbers mentall

  6. Add 4-digit numbers using different strategies

  7. Pose and solve problems

This unit will last approximately 2 weeks.


The Grade 4’s have completed their cooperative games unit and we will be transitioning into our invasion unit next week. Invasion games are any games where the goal is to attack an opponent's territory and score a goal or point. Examples of these games include soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and hockey. Skills include maintaining possession, attacking and/or defending a goal, winning the ball, scoring and defending. These games are typically fast paced and focus a lot on teamwork.


Looking forward to seeing many of you at Curriculum Night! To learn more about our PSE units of inquiry, please look for my posts on the class Seesaw app or contact me directly at


Our routine at the beginning of each class is to listen to a piece of music. This full-body listening helps students to focus as a full group by the end of the piece.  They are then ready to sing, play instruments or compose. This performer combines superb piano playing with an engaging visual so students can choose to either close their eyes to listen or watch how the shapes match the sound. This versatile pianist plays everything from Beethoven to Charlie Puth. Students are encouraged to listen at home. 


This week in French the grade 4s are working on a project to introduce themself, their family, friends and interests. This week they have been working on completing the poster for this project and next week they will present their poster “C’est Moi!” to the class. 


The Grade 4s have started to construct their unique self-portrait using collage, photographs and mixed-media. We are using this first art piece to review how the elements of art and design work together to create artwork that captures the attention of the viewer. 


Students should have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes

  • Water bottle for the classroom to prevent students from leaving during lessons

  • Agendas will be sent home on most Mondays with a note for the week and should be kept in school bag in case we need to add a reminder

  • Students are to go outside in the morning for drop off and should not be coming upstairs to their cubbies before 8:15AM

Please see our schedules linked below. Please note that subject blocks may change from time to time but we will use this as a guide.

4B Class Schedule

4A Class Schedule

Click here for instructions on how to set up your child's Yorkschool Google account at home.

Our Homework Policy values balance, play, literacy and family time. As such, beyond your child’s weekly reading goal, reminders and regular check-ins with their homeroom teacher, there will be limited homework assigned. 

Should you like some additional practice, here are some great options:

  • IXL **- online math and language-based skills practice

  • BrainPop **- educational videos and quizzes on a variety of subjects

  • Raz Kids - **reading programme with comprehension questions

    **The York School pays for subscriptions to these online resources and will provide your child with the necessary information to login at home. Stay tuned as we introduce these resources at school and pass on the necessary login information for at home.


Reporting an Absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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