Grade 4 - June 7 / 2019

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

We are always working towards enhancing our Vision of Citizenship K-12 at The York School. As such, we strive to enrich the student experience and help our students to become responsible, caring citizens who take responsibility for their actions, find their voices, take action to help others and embrace their leadership potential.

We look forward to working with your children next year as leaders and contributors to our Junior School. We are thrilled to implement the new IB enhancements, especially with respect to the importance of student agency. As such, we have re-envisioned our student leadership model in the Junior Division.

We believe strongly that children should be able to experience all areas of leadership that are of interest to them. At the same time, we recognize that in order for development to occur, we must provide opportunities for students to focus their attention on their leadership role and responsibilities aligned with that role in order for them to fully contribute to our community. This new framework provides exposure to more diverse leadership experiences and opportunities and will facilitate the development of each student’s leadership potential in an area that is of interest to them.

Today, we met with the Grade 4 students to discuss the new leadership model that will be implemented for next school year. Over the summer, students can start to think about which roles most interest them so that they can make an informed choice about their leadership experience in Grade 5.  We will be reviewing the framework again in September prior to the Leadership Fair.

Your child will have the option to choose primary leadership roles, one from each group as noted below.  They will uphold the responsibility for each of their chosen roles for half of the school year. Students will uphold their first primary leadership role from September to mid January; they will take on their second primary leadership role from mid January to the end of the school year.  

Primary Leadership Roles

Students may choose one of:
- Assembly Host
- House Captain

Students may choose one of:
- York Radio Announcer
- York TV Reporter
- Class Representative

Your child will also have the option to choose three secondary leadership roles from the group as noted below. Of the three roles chosen, they will be assigned only one which they will uphold their responsibility throughout the full school year. Please note that additional roles may be added prior to the Student Leadership Fair. If new secondary roles are added, they will be shared with students prior to them having to make a choice.

Secondary Leadership Roles

Students may choose three but will only be assigned one of:
- Junior Librarian
- Admission Ambassador
- Eco Ambassador
- GADP Helper
- Athletics Games Helper

Finally, your child will be expected to contribute to our JS community by assuming a scheduled, periodic responsibility of being a lunchroom helper with the JK / SK students and a manager of the lost and found.

Please be in touch if you have any questions.


Val Turner, Junior School Principal
Sarah Charley, Director of Citizenship
Andrea Hughes, Student Leadership Co-ordinator


Please send your child with an extra canvas bag to school next week so he/she can carry his/her work home. We will begin sending materials home on Monday.



We will wrap up our math curriculum by exploring probability. The students will have an opportunity to various games as they learn if events are certain, likely, unlikely, or impossible.


Our final Literature Circle meeting is this week! The students must have read their final chapters and completed their independent work by Wednesday.


The students started to create board games to show their knowledge about rocks and minerals. They will have a chance to complete their board games and play each other’s games next week.


Thank you all for a terrific Track and Field Day! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves participating in the activities. The House spirit was fantastic! Go York!


he Grade 4 students will be bringing home any remaining work from this term. It has been a pleasure working with the students and I’m looking forward to seeing them back in the art room next September for Grade 5 art!


In French students performed their play “Chat Angora” in front of the class and had so much fun! Students completed a self evaluation based on their pronunciation, expression, memorization, and helping their group. Next week, we will be playing games and completing activities to review and consolidate some of the vocabulary and concepts they have learned this year.  


We are looking forward to sharing our concert performance of Jukebox Time Machine during the G4/5 showcase on Wednesday June 12th. Students will wear their summer uniform and add accessories according to the decade they are performing in. Parents are welcome to attend.

Looking Ahead


Please encourage your children to practise at home. Showcase will be taking place on June 12th at 10:45 am. Parents are welcome. Please email Andrea Hughes at if you have any questions.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.