Grade 5 - Oct. 17 / 2019


Unit of Inquiry

Student Vote day is tomorrow! Students have been researching different political platforms and presenting to the class. All students have knowledge of each of the parties agendas and will have the opportunity to vote tomorrow as part of Elections Canada’s Student Vote. 

Literature Circles: This week we gathered in our groups to discuss the crazy connections we made to ourselves, other texts and the world. Pages 253-303 have been assigned for next week’s Literature Circle meetings, as well as, the role of Literary Luminary. In this role, the students will pick three passages (a paragraph or section) from the book that stood out to them. They are to choose something that was interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling or important. They will find this activity in their workspace.


We have been looking at different strategies to multiply 2 digit numbers. Some of the strategies include using mental math strategies by breaking the numbers apart into smaller numbers, lattice or standard algorithm. See the photo for the different strategies.

Should you like some additional practice, here is how to access IXL.

To sign in to your child’s IXL account,  you will need to access IXL through the York School website/portal. Once there, you need to click on JK-Grade 5 resources in the top green toolbar. After this, click on IXL. Their username is their first initial + last name + 27. Example: pou27. Their password is 123456.


The Grade 5’s continue to work on their invasion game unit, however, the focus has now shifted to soccer skills and soccer-like games. Students have explored dribbling techniques which have allowed them to become more confident with the ball. We are playing a variety of soccer-like games, building our way up to a 2-net soccer game.


Students continue to work on creating a rhythm accompaniment to their climate change chant using Soundtrap.  Students can log into this software here.

Login: Example

Username: lyorke27

Password: 123456

This will open up the MusicFirst dashboard. Select the software tab, and Soundtrap is located here. 



This week we had new center games that students got to explore and play with related to the fall season and high-frequency words in the classroom. Next week students will get conversation prompts to use this vocabulary in a natural setting. Some questions include;

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime manger pendant l’automne? (what do you like to eat during the fall?)

  • Qu’est ce que tu aime faire pendant l’automne? (what do you like to do during fall?)              

  • Qu’est ce que tu vois pendant l'automne? (what do you see during fall?)  


The Grade Fives are finishing up the final element of watercolour in their first mixed-media contour drawing art piece.


There will be a parent meeting about Grade 5s upcoming trip to Norval Outdoor Centre on November 20-22. The meeting will take place from 8:00-8:30am on Monday, October 28th (location TBA). An outline of the program will be shared and Bill Elgie from the Norval Outdoor Centre will be here to answer any questions.


Click on the links below for the class timetables.

5A Timetable

5B Timetable

Click here for instructions on how to set up your child's Yorkschool Google account at home 

We are asking the Grade 5s to check-in on Workspace to ensure that everyone has access to the platform from home. They should each have bookmarks on their Google accounts to access the site. Here is a link to the Workspace in case it is not there. 


If you have a need to place your child into Aftercare on an occasional basis, please contact Lamar Khatib at

As well, if your child is in Aftercare but has plans to go home with another student from Aftercare, please contact Lamar with the details.

Reporting an Absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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