Grade 5 - December 15 /2017


Our field trip to the Living Arts Centre on Wednesday was a great deal of fun. Printmaking was a new skill our students learned as well as a general appreciation for the arts. It is a beautiful building full of artistic talent.

Genius Hour: Students have picked their passion they want to research for the Genius Hour. This week the students have been researching their question. Next week they will present their passion. This project is to be done both at school and home.

Measuring and building triangles is so fun. Between drawing bridges, and designing them on Tinkercad, we have been experimenting with and drawing a variety of different angles and triangles. Can you build an isosceles, scalene or equilateral triangle? How do you differentiate between an acute, obtuse or right triangle?  Ask your child!!

Next week we will be building our bridges with the recycled materials you have been kindly bringing in. This is the last call for any toilet paper and paper towel rolls along with small boxes and egg cartons. Thank you.

In French, we began our final story of the term. Here is the link to the online silent video that students can use at home to practise re-telling the story.

Exhibition Update

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday morning. Please see here for the presentation. If you have any questions, please let me know - Thank you in advance.

All-School Concert

In preparation for the all-school concert on December 20th, Grade 5 students visited the Senior School campus on Monday. Students spent some time in the gym (the performance venue), had a short tour,  and rehearsed some of our repertoire with the Grade 6 music class. It was a wonderful experience for the students to combine our voices with Middle School students. Please join us for the concert on December 20th in the Senior School Gym at 10.30 a.m.

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New Circles Clothing Drive

Our  winter clothing drive has launched and thank you for your support, thus far! All donations will be brought to New Circles. New Circles is a not-for-profit, grass-roots agency that builds strong and caring communities by providing basic necessities to those living in poverty. They provide much needed clothing, social programs, and skill building opportunities to individuals living on a low-income, with a focus on residents who are newcomers to Canada. Here is their website for more information about the organization.

The Junior School will be collecting winter clothing items such including:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 8.52.07 AM.png
  • hats
  • mittens
  • scarves
  • coats
  • Boots
  • Snow pants/suits
  • sweaters
  • long pants
  • socks
  • girls’ tights

All child, youth and adult sizes are welcome. Collection bins will be in the gathering place from Wednesday, Dec. 13th - Wednesday, Dec. 20th.


Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month for November/December.  Jamie Katz was chosen from the U11 Boys Basketball team for his tremendous dedication to the team.  And Roksana Perminova was picked from the U10/U11 Girls Volleyball team, as she is a focussed team player, who is always working hard to improve her skills.  Congratulations to our Gladiators! (photo, right)


Winter temperatures have arrived. During the school day, students in Grades 1 - 5 are outside for recess three times a day and at the end of the day for pick up/aftercare.

To fully enjoy the excitement that the winter season brings, appropriate winter clothing will enhance their outdoor experience.

Grade 1, 2, and 3 students are expected to wear winter coats, snow pants, hat, mittens/gloves and waterproof winter boots at each recess. Even if it is dry and there is no snow, it is still cold. As it warms up, snow pants can be replaced by rain pants, rain boots and a lighter jacket. The clothing is standard for this age group.

Grade 4 and 5 students are expected to make good choices in the clothing they wear outside for recess. Once outside, they are not permitted to go back inside to get pieces of clothing that they forgot to put on. We encourage them to be responsible for their choices.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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