Grade 5 - May 4 / 2018

The York Shop
The York Shop is clearing out all of the new uniform (sample sizing) with the same pricing as Top Marks. We have one of most uniform items, with the exception of green golf shirts for summer uniform.  Please email me your child’s name, grade, size and item of interest to inquire. Items will be delivered to either reception area for pick up. First come, first served. Contact:

Camp George
Students in Grade 5 will be heading to Camp George for two nights starting on Monday, May 28th to Wednesday, May 30th. A VO form will be sent shortly. Andrea Lossing, The York School Trip Coordinator, will host a parent information meeting on Tuesday, May 15th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in the Junior School Library. Ms. Faba and the homeroom teachers will also attend.

Save The Date!


The York School faculty is excited to host a special celebration for the Grade 5 students and their families. At the Grade 5 Family Celebration, each student will be spoken about by a faculty member, the Grade 5 teachers will have an opportunity to share their thoughts about the Grade 5 year, and all students will receive their PYP Certificates. Families are invited to stay and enjoy some refreshments and take photos.  


Math: This week we looked at capacity and volume. We compared and understood the relationship between the two.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.28.02 AM.png

We are now focussing our attention on fractions. Students have been assigned IXL for both homework and practice; IXL section K to help them with equivalent fractions.

Unit: Students have put on their architect hats and created blueprints of an ideal eco-friendly school. They included eco-friendly energy sources and waste management systems into their schools. As well, this week, students switched their architect hat and put on their auditors hat They spent time walking around the school checking out key elements to ensuring an eco-friendly school. Mr. Johns, our Facilities Manager came to talk to the classes about what systems are in place at The York School to ensure we are an eco-friendly school. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and inquire into ways we can have our school as eco-friendly as possible. To conclude this, we hope this drives action into making plausible changes to our school to make it even more eco-friendly.

Language: The students stories are in their final stages of editing and publishing. We hope to share these stories with our Grade 1 buddies and the library very soon!

French: The students are getting close to finishing their first independent novel study! We are planning to wrap it up next week. The students should be proud of all their hard work on this challenging activity!

Art: Grade 5 has been learning about stop-motion animation. In connection with their unit on energy, they will be creating a short film using plasticine about the concept of energy, ex. kinetic, chemical, spiritual, etc.

Looking Ahead
This month, we will be looking at the reproductive system and human development component of our programme. Human development is a part of the Health and Physical Education Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. The aim of our programme is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives and enable them to lead healthy lives.

Students may have awkward or nervous feelings about this unit. In light of these potential feelings, students will never be called on to answer questions. Only students who volunteer to answer a question will be called upon. There will be an anonymous question box available throughout the unit for those who have questions they may not be comfortable asking in front of the class. Most classes for this unit will be co-ed. In addition, Mr. DeMarinis will teach one class with the boys, while Ms. Smart will teach the girls.

The Human Development component in Grade 5 focuses on the following outcomes:

Identify the parts of the reproductive system, and describe how the body changes during puberty;

Describe the processes of menstruation and spermatogenesis, and explain how these processes relate to reproduction and overall development;

Describe emotional and interpersonal stresses related to puberty (e.g., questions about changing bodies and feelings, adjusting to changing relationships, crushes and more intense feelings, conflicts between personal desires and cultural teachings and practices), and identify strategies that they can apply to manage stress, build resilience, and enhance their mental health and emotional well-being (e.g., being active, writing feelings in a journal, accessing information about their concerns, taking action on a concern, talking to a trusted peer or adult, breathing deeply, meditating, seeking cultural advice from elders)

Our main teaching points during the health unit will be:

Puberty - stages of development, and emotional and social changes

Personal Hygiene - cleanliness (body, skin and oral care)

Reproductive Systems - female and male reproductive systems, with a focus on the menstruation cycle and spermatogenesis (and how they relate to reproduction and development).

For your reference:
Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum (health expectations start on pg. 155 in document) -

Teaching Sexual Health -

Closing Assembly
On Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10:45 a.m., the Junior School students and faculty will gather in the gym at the Junior School for our closing assembly. In the past, a closing ceremony was held at the Middle and Senior School on the last day of school; however, this year, to include our JK and SK students and to make the length of the assembly more reasonable for our young learners, the assembly is at the Junior School.

Parent will have an opportunity to view the assembly via a live stream and a video that will be shared after the assembly. Students look forward to welcoming parents to the class parties that will take place in the afternoon in each classroom. Thank you for your support!

Summer uniform officially began this week. Please note that summer uniform is optional. However, it is important that children are wearing the appropriate uniform. Please see the infographic below for assistance. Any colour running shoe may be worn, but it is recommended to have a pair for indoors and outdoors, especially on rainy days.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.