Grade 5 - May 17 / 2018

Our Junior French teacher, Ashley Beatty, is having a baby and will begin her maternity leave in the next few weeks. Lara Irick will be covering the maternity leave, teaching Grades 3-5, for the remainder of this school year and during the 2018-2019 school year. Madame Irick already knows the students as she has often supply taught in the Junior School. Madame Irick will be co-teaching with Madame Beatty until Madame Beatty takes leave. We wish Madame Beatty the best of luck and welcome Madame Irick to The York School!


Camp George
Forms for Camp George are due today, Friday, May 18th. If you have not already done so, please make sure to get all forms signed and handed in. Many thanks.

Grade 5 began its final Unit of Inquiry this week. Under the theme Who We Are, we are looking at the human body and the importance of keeping it healthy.

In Math, there has been a focus on understanding the relationship between fractions and decimals. We have started to look at fractions with denominators different from 10 and 100 and how to convert these fractions to decimals.

Our final Literature Circles have begun this week. Students are in groups according to book selection. This time around, the group will be reading the same book and using the Literature Circle Roles (Passage Picker, Word Wizard, Summarizer and Connector) each week to guide conversations regarding their books. We will be reading the books over the course of 4 weeks. We will use DEAR time to read as well, students are to read at home in order to fulfil the required reading.

In French, students wrapped up their independent novel study and started a new story about Léo le lapin. Click here for the link to the video and ask your child to retell the story en français!

In Art, the students have just completed their claymation videos on the concept of “energy”. They will be moving onto a cubism unit and creating their own geometric art.

In Music, students are preparing for next year’s band class by reviewing note values and rhythms and applying this knowledge to counting four-beat patterns and reading short melodies on the staff. This will be extended to a composition task using combinations of whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes.

In PSE, we continue to learn about the Thinkable and Unthinkable characters from the Superflex programme. The students are now creating their own Thinkable or Unthinkable character. This activity allows them to exercise their creativity and self-awareness skills as they create a character that is not represented by the programme list. Here are some of their creations: Enthusiastic Eddie - makes you celebrate what you or others are doing, Screen-Glued Sally - makes you not able to get off your devices, Lazy Larry - makes you not able to find the energy to do things. Stay tuned as these creations will be going home in the next couple weeks.

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