Grade 5 - September 28 / 2018


Reminder that attendance is taken after O Canada at 8:25am.

Unit: The class conversations are heating up! We have discussed various rights and responsibilities of children and adults. We had a lively conversation about the difference between a privilege and a right. The end result being the importance of responsibilities and how to grow as a citizen as well as a student.

The three levels of government and the responsibilities within each, will guide our inquiry into next week. We look forward to exploring some of Toronto's history at the Market Gallery downtown at St. Lawrence Market next week (Wednesday October 3rd). We will also begin to discuss the perspectives within parties and start to develop points for a lively debate.

MATH - We are wrapping our exploration of addition and subtraction and will be moving into multiplication. Explore multiplication this weekend. Where do we use it in our daily lives? How do numbers multiply? What does multiplication actually mean? Do you remember tricks as a student? Add zero to the end when you’re multiplying anything by ten, Counting the nines on your fingers!?

Working with Base Ten Blocks and Manipulatives are the best!!!

Working with Base Ten Blocks and Manipulatives are the best!!!

LANGUAGE - Paragraph writing remains our focus. Encourage your student to keep a journal, talk about gratitude. It helps to write things down.

We will be encouraging the students to write in paragraphs by following a formula that hopefully will guide them through all assignments.

Start with a juicy topic sentence, hook your readers. Follow up with three ideas and supporting sentences. Finish with a bang that ties back to your juicy introduction and zip it together with concluding sentence.

Reading!! Reading!! Reading!!! We are reading Bootleg as a class and handed out individual copies on Thursday so that the students can start to read on their own. We will be assigning certain chapters per week and will have class conversations on lit circle days (Thursdays for 5A and Wednesdays 5B)

Think of it as a Book Club meeting for Grade 5 students :)

ART - This week in Art, the Grade 5s learned about Pablo Picasso. They examined his painting, ‘Portrait of Dora Maar’, and created their own Picasso-inspired portraits using cut paper shapes.

ATHLETICS - In PHE we have finished our unit on team building and cooperative games. The students worked together to problem solve by using their communication and listening skills. Everyone encouraged each other, had a positive attitude and had fun!

Congratulations are due for a wonderful first choral performance leading the school community in singing “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King at our assembly this morning. They sound beautiful together. Their next performance will be at the Remembrance Day Assembly.


During the month of October we are going to be heading out of the classroom to learn about how our Canadian Government System organizes. We will first be going to the Market Gallery, at the St. Lawrence Market on October 3rd. The following week we will be visiting The Legislative Assembly, October 12th.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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