Grade 5 - October 4 / 2018


Reminder that attendance is taken after O Canada at 8:25am

UNIT: This week we narrowed in on political parties in Canada, learning about the leaders and names of the political parties. Thank you for the great discussions happening at home during the Dinner Discussions. Next week we look forward to getting into a discussion about the mayoral election.
On Wednesday we took a trip on the TTC to Market Hall (St. Lawrence Market) where we learned some of the history of Toronto and how the government was established. We even got to participate in a debate about our garbage system - landfill and incinerators!!

Taking the bus downtown!

Taking the bus downtown!

Preparing for the debate

Preparing for the debate

Lunchtime Fun!

Lunchtime Fun!

MATH - This week we continued to work on our multiplication skills, solidifying the facts and using a variety of strategies to multiply in our heads. The students learned strategies on how to multiply  by 10, 100, 1000. We look forward to getting into double digit by double digit in the coming weeks!

LANGUAGE - We had our first literature circle discussion this week. The students were in small groups and had the ability to share their deeper thinking questions about the section of the book assigned for this week. We have been learning about the “Q Chart” and the effectiveness of asking deeper thinking questions (the further right on the chart the deeper the question.

q chart.PNG

This week in Art, the Grade 5s were given the opportunity to design their ideal playground. They discussed realistic expectations and drew their plan.

Looking Ahead

Caribou Contest Math Club

The first Caribou Contest will take place on Wednesday, October 17 at 10:30 AM in the cafeteria.

At 10:30 AM, students who are taking part can proceed to the cafeteria with their Chromebooks. They will log in and complete the contest in 1 hour and then return to class.

Students may access practice tests and activities on the Caribou Contest site: We have been meeting on Fridays to practice and answer questions. Any questions can be directed to Karen McCallum-Ryan

Guest Speaker: Chris Vollum

On Friday, October 19 at 8:30 AM in the gym, parents are invited to hear a Guest Speaker, Chris Vollum. Mr. Vollum will speak to the Grade 4 and 5 students about using social media. More information can be found on his website He is a very engaging speaker and students will leave more prepared to tackle social media. Parents are invited to attend. Please RSVP here. Any questions, please contact Karen McCallum-Ryan


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.