Grade 5 - October 19 / 2018


Last Friday we took a trip to Queen’s Park where we had the opportunity to meet our local MPP, Jill Andrew. The students had a wonderful time learning about how the Ontario Government assembles in the Legislative Assembly, partake in a council debate and better understand the responsibilities of each of the levels of government in Canada.

During Learning Buddies with the Grade 1 students we helped our buddies make mummies. It was great to see the students working together collaboratively and watching the Grade 5 students take on these important leadership roles with the younger students.

This week we were fortunate enough to have Julie DiLorenzo and colleague Justin Federbush, come to speak to the Grade 5 students about civic engagement. She talked about the importance of advocating for the things that you believe in. We talked about how everyone has a voice, not just politicians. There are things you can do in your own home, like bringing a reusable tote to the grocery store instead of a plastic bag. These small actions can make a difference.

Thank you, Julie and Justin!

Thank you, Julie and Justin!


As we conclude our unit on Numeracy, completing division and problem solving, we will have an assessment the end of next week (Thursday or Friday). The students will bring home a “Show What You Know” worksheet to work on to help them prepare. IXL sections A, B, C, D will all help with review and practice. Please note, teachers are not looking at the timed aspect of IXL. It is strongly encouraged to have a piece of paper and pencil beside the computer to complete questions. Some students have an IXL note book they use each time they sit down to work on IXL.

Our next math unit we will be looking at Transformational Geometry. Mapping Skills, rotations, transformations and symmetry.


Bootleg - next pages are 201-237. Our next literature Circle discussion will be Word Wizard. The students will find as many cool, interesting, difficult or fun words in the book and record them


This week in Art, the Grade 5s looked at ‘Beasts of the Sea’ by Henri Matisse and discussed abstract art. Each student then created their own interpretation of Matisse’s piece using construction paper. Also, the art room is looking for wire coat hangers! If anyone is looking to get rid of them, please bring them to the art room for an upcoming sculpture project. Thank you!


In PSE, we have we have begun using a tool called the Blueprint to understand multiple perspectives, build the skills of empathy, and resolve conflicts. Here is an example of the Blueprint for grades 4-5. Currently, we are using the Blueprint to help sort through conflicts in literature. The students are building understanding of the steps as we use the tool to help us sort through the issues of the characters in our stories. The students have quickly recognized that although conflict is a natural part of life, the more empathy and responsibility people exercise when these conflicts occur, the stronger and more successful our friendships and our community will be.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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