Grade 5 - November 2 / 2018


This week ends a successful close to the Government Unit. Students have been working hard to complete their final Design Task which is to take an issue in Toronto, be it a crisis or large multi-sport event or welcoming refugees, and decide how each of the three levels of government will contribute to the crisis/event. The final assignment will take the design of a newspaper article.

We will also be talking about Remembrance Day in class as the Grade 5s get ready to help with the Assembly on November 8th.

Our next Unit will be under the Transdisciplinary Theme: Where We Are In Place And Time. The Central Idea is: Exploration can have a significant impact on communities. Our field trip to Lake St. George on Tuesday will be a great introduction to the Coureur De Bois and the early traders.


This week we looked at Map Coordinates to start off our unit on Transformational Geometry. Section X in IXL has been assigned for students to practice symmetry and transformations at home.


Bootleg, The final chapters are to be completed for November 7 and 8th. The final assignment for the book will be given at that time. Our next round of Literature Circles will focus on Historical Fiction. We will begin these November 15th.


Our next contest will be taking place Wednesday November 14th, 2018 at 8:30 AM in the cafeteria.

The next interactive question will be the DOTS game. This can be accessed on our Games/History page. It will not be accessible one day before the contest and not during the 2 contest days because the web site can be used to solve the contest question and because when some parts of the world still have Tuesday, other parts have already Wednesday, i.e. contest day.


What a great trip to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection this week! In art class, students were introduced to the woodlands style of painting and were able to see Norval Morrisseau paintings at the gallery. The art room is always looking for recycled materials for building projects. This includes shoe boxes, egg cartons, paper towel rolls and so much more!

Norval Trip Parent Information

In preparation for the Grade 5 Trip to Norval Outdoor School on November 21st-23rd, we are inviting Grade 5 parents to attend a Grade 5 Norval Trip Parent Information Morning. It will be held on Wednesday November 7th at 8:40 am in room 306. Ms Prevedello, Ms Baptist, Ms Lossing, and a representative from Norval Outdoor School will be present to share information and answer all questions. For those that cannot attend, we will share a follow up video.


Don’t forget to register your child in one of our Junior School Athletic Programs that are being offered for the winter term Check out our Gladiator Athletic Development Programme where we offer alternative sports!

Click here to sign up!

If you have registered your child for the Athlete Institute for the High Performance basketball led by led by NBA and International Shooting/Skills Development Coach, David Nurse please note there has been a change in dates due the gym being used for the Drama Production. Sessions originally scheduled for Friday, November 30th to Sunday December 2nd have been moved to Friday January 11th to Sunday January 13th. An email will be sent out as well for a friendly reminder but the session details will remain the same and will be changed on the google form that can access here.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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