Grade 5 - November 16 / 2018


Next week, we are off to Norval from Wednesday to Friday. Drop off on Wednesday morning is 7:15am. Please make sure your child is ready for cold weather as we will be spending the majority of the days outside :)



This past week we have been working hard at transformational Geometry. Translations, reflections and rotations have been our focus while also looking at symmetry and congruent figures.


This has been an exciting week looking at our identity and what makes us who we are. The students have been making connections to the First Nations and understanding how the identities of different people are important in the world. Students are in small groups reading about a specific First Nation group and will create a slide presentation on their First Nation group focussing on the food, clothing, transportation methods and types of housing the people lived in with relation to the part of Canada they were living in.


This week in Art, the Grade 5s finished their First Nations animal totems. The finished designs showcase thick black lines and bright colours.The Art room is currently looking for shoeboxes, wire hangers, and any clean, recycled materials.


Bootleg final questions were finished this week in class. We have opened up our next round of Literature Circles on Historical Fiction. Students have learned more about the genre of Historical Fiction and have selected an historical moment to want to learn more about. Each student will have their own book to read. Instead of reading specific pages of the book, the students will be asked to divide their book up into sections and read certain sections each week. Stay tuned!


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.