Grade 5 - Sept. 12 / 2019


Looking forward to seeing you at Curriculum Night tonight! If you are unable to come please see this slide deck linked here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Barb or Pascal. 

Grade 5 had a successful week continuing to develop classroom routines and establish essential agreements.

Click on the links below for the class timetables.

5A Timetable

5B Timetable

Unit of Inquiry

The unit How We Express Ourselves will be one we visit throughout the year. We began the year doing a variety of activities and writing tasks to help us better understand how we like to express ourselves, how we best learn and how to best be a leader. 

Moving forward we will be learning about the Canadian government under the theme, How We Organize Ourselves. With the federal election approaching in October this is a perfect time to do this unit and learn about how the government works along with the voting process. A trip to the Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park in a couple of weeks will be a great way to see how our provincial government is set up.

We hope that the “Dinner Discussions” around different systems of government are as lively at home as they are in class. 


Number sense and numeration is on everyone’s mind and we will be practicing adding and subtracting as well as getting into multiplication skills soon. 


In PHE, students have been participating in team-building and cooperative games. Students have been challenged to work together to complete a common goal. It has been great seeing them communicate, listen, respect, and have fun over this past week. 


Students reflected on their music learning thus far and collaborated on an activity regarding what they would like to know more about. They are thinking about what they will need to learn in Grade five in order to be prepared to learn a woodwind or brass instrument in Grade Six. Students completed “I See. I Think, I Wonder” activity as we observed this Flash Mob video featuring a Beethoven melody they are very familiar with.


Bonjour! Bienvenue! 

The grade 5s have had an amazing week speaking French and getting to know the classroom routine. Students are only allowed to speak in French once they step into the French room and must use the resources around them to express what they want to say. In every class we say the date and review useful vocabulary through interactive activities where the students take the lead. We are learning the weather, numbers, emotions and much more. The Grade 5s have succeeded in only speaking French and being risk-takers in their learning! I can’t wait to LEAR, SPEAK and HAVE FUN in French with everyone this year! 

Au Revoir! À Bientôt! Salut! 

- Mme. Calhoun


Looking forward to another year of creativity and imagination. The art room is in need of unwanted magazines for upcoming collage work. Please drop donations off in the art room anytime. As well, I am looking for some large button-down shirts that we can repurpose as smocks for messy work. Thank you in advance for your support! 


Terry Fox Run

The York School Terry Fox Run is taking place on Wednesday, September 18th! The Middle and Senior School will be joining us for the run this year on the beltline to make this a full community event. Please see the timing of the event below.

  • Grades 6 & 7 will join their JK/SK buddies at 1:30 in the Junior School Playground. After a warm up, they will head out together through the cemetery to the Beltline.

  • Grades 8 & 9 will join Grades 1 - 3 at 2:00.

  • Grade 10 & 12 will join with Grades 4 - 5 at 2:30.

Students are to come to school wearing The York School gym uniform or an official Terry Fox t-shirt from 2019 or before. Parents! Come join in on the fun! Meet us in the Junior School Playground at your child’s allotted run time.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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