Grade 5 - Oct. 3 / 2019



Subtraction with four-digit whole numbers has been the focus of this week's Math lessons. Students have been using both standard algorithms and generating strategies that incorporate and improve their mental math skills. We have started to introduce games that are strengthening the Grade 5s multiplication skills as we prepare to learn different strategies to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. 

For students who are a part of the Caribou Contest Math Club, the first Caribou Contest will take place on Wednesday, October 16 @ 10:00 AM in the cafeteria. The Interactive Question will be Sliding Blocks which your students can practice now on the games page. Because the Sliding Blocks game page can be used to solve such puzzles, this site will be blocked from Tuesday, October 15 to Thursday, October 17. Please do not wait until the contest day to practice, as you will not be able to! There will be no history question.

Should you like some additional practice, here is how to access IXL:

To sign in to your child’s IXL account,  you will need to access IXL through the York School website/portal. Once there, you need to click on JK-Grade 5 resources in the top green toolbar. After this, click on IXL. Their username is their first initial + last name + 27. Example: pou27. Their password is 123456.


In PHE, the Grade 5’s continued on in the Invasion Game unit. Students have been building their lacrosse skills such as trapping, scooping, throwing and catching. It was great to see students work outside of their comfort zone and push themselves to be better each class!


We are fortunate to have access to two music resources online. The first is Breezin’ Thru Theory”. Here is the link to the login page. Username and password are the same for everyone. Username: yorkschool  Password: wood246  From here, students will be prompted to enter their name and select the correct homeroom. We are working on Chapter 2 - Rhythm. The first part of the chapter contains interactive lessons and the second half consists of interactive rhythm drills. Students are encouraged to practise at home in order to increase their fluency in reading notation. We use this skill in compositions as well as instrumental and vocal performance. If students complete a drill, they need to remember to click submit, which will then show up on my teacher dashboard. 


This week in French, Grade 5 students have started their presentations of the “C’est Moi” project. The Grade 5s have really enjoyed sharing aspects of their interests, family, likes and dislikes to their peers through their presentations. After their presentations they will be filling out a self-evaluation to see what goals they have accomplished and what goals they can work towards with their oral French skills.


Grade Fives continue to work on their first art piece demonstrating contour drawing skills and the elements of balance, proportion, line and form. 


Click on the links below for the class timetables.

5A Timetable

5B Timetable

Click here for instructions on how to set up your child's Yorkschool Google account at home 

We are asking the Grade 5s to check-in on Workspace to ensure that everyone has access to the platform from home. They should each have bookmarks on their Google accounts to access the site. Here is a link to the Workspace in case it is not there. 

Class 5A - Click here to connect to your child’s SeeSaw account
Class 5B - Click here to connect to your child’s SeeSaw account

Reporting an Absence?

If your child(ren) are going to be absent from school for any reason, please send an email to as well as to their homeroom teacher. If your child is returning to school during the day, please have him/her sign in with reception.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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