JK - November 17 / 2017

We hope that everyone had a lovely long weekend – it was great to hear all the stories from the children! Although we had a short week here at school, it was a busy one.

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This week the children had an opportunity to present their favourite stuffy and book to the class; they described why they picked that particular stuffy and why the book was their favourite. The students were then given time to ask questions. We were very impressed by the higher level questioning and the audience skills demonstrated by the children.

From these presentations the concept of graphing was introduced. We recorded and graphed the data from all the stuffies (types, number of legs, colour, etc.) and the books (fiction, non fiction, hardcover, topics). This has now sparked an interest in data collection for the children and they have started to take surveys around the class (favourite food, sport, etc.)

We have begun our new unit, How The World Works. The central idea for this unit is: Animals adapt to their environment throughout the seasons. The first line of inquiry that we will investigate is: The effect of seasonal changes on animals. The children are eager to start their research!

Looking Ahead:

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A selection of Barbara Reid’s books will be available for purchase for Ms. Reid to sign for students.

Please click HERE to complete electronic permission for your child to purchase books and have them charged to their York student account.

This author talk is generously supported by the Cloth family.



The new Scholastic order forms have come home today with your child, please return them no later than Monday, November 27th. Please look through the flyers as there are great gift ideas that can be used for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts.


Now that the wet, cold and sometimes snowy weather has arrived, please be sure to send your child in the appropriate clothing. We ask that you send in a neck warmer instead of scarves, as they may pose a hazard. Please be sure to label all mittens, gloves, hats, outfits and boots as there are many with the exact same size and make.

Please ensure that your children have boots that they can independently do up and put on. If your child is still learning to do laces, we ask that you don’t send boots or shoes with laces.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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