JK - November 9 / 2017

Weekly Highlights

We wish everyone a happy and relaxing long weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone refreshed on Tuesday.

This week, we continued focussing on oral language skills, as the children finished presenting their collages. We modelled and practised how to form and ask questions and how to display good listening skills. We also learned about how to make positive comments and praise our classmates.

This week in Art, the JKs have been learning about our artist of the month, Barbara Reid. Barbara Reid is a Canadian author and illustrator that creates pieces with plasticine. The JKs have been practising creating lines and shapes with plasticine and will use these skills to create an abstract work of art.

In French, this week we have been learning the names of the months of the year. The students have been learning to say the date in French. Please follow the link to find a song we have been learning about the months. Les mois de l'annee

Looking Ahead

Unit of Inquiry

We are looking forward to beginning our new unit How the World Works in the next couple of weeks. We will be inquiring into the concepts of hibernation, migration and adaptation. We will be discussing how animals and humans change their behaviours as the environment changes. We would love the children to bring in photos of any animals they notice outside so that we can investigate further into how they are preparing for the colder weather.

Math and Literacy

Next week we would like to introduce some data management. Please send a small, suitable stuffie with your child on Tuesday and a favourite book on Thursday. We are going to sort the stuffies and books (also read the books!) and then graph and record the data we collect. The new Scholastic holiday issue is coming soon; great for gifts for the holidays! Please remember that your child’s class benefits greatly by the book sales.


Nutrition Committee
Are you interested in becoming the next Chair of our Nutrition Committee? Now is the time to put your name forward to join a group of parents, teachers, administrators and food service providers to lead conversations about healthy eating at our Junior School. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Wyatt at jwyatt@yorkschool.com

 Appropriate Clothing for Weather Changes

We have noticed that there are still a couple of children that don’t have a complete change of clothes at school for emergency use. Please check their bags and replace if necessary, also check that your children have a season-appropriate change of clothes. Please note that their change of clothes should be labelled. We are also noticing that there are many identical boots, so please be sure to label.

It is also that time of year where it can be cool and damp out. We recommend that all children wear splash pants over their clothing. This will eliminate muddy knees/bottoms and keep them warm when it’s too cumbersome to be wearing snow pants. We recommend splash pants that have no liners as they are difficult for the children to pull on. Our past experience is that Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) sells excellent quality splash pants. Thank you in advanced.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.