JK - December 1 /2017

Weekly Highlights

This week the children sorted animals according to their natural habitat. We also read books and watched videos about animals in our very own backyard and learned what they are doing to prepare for winter.

We continue to work on number sense and have been reinforcing counting and matching numbers and quantities. We have also been sorting animals into categories such as land, water and air.

In French, the students have been practising their play, Le lievre et la tortue, all week long in order to be filmed next week. The video will be shared with you sometime in the next few weeks.

In Art, the JKs began creating a background for their Music Assembly. They used cold colours and many materials to create winter designs on paper plates.

In French, we have been practising our play, Le lievre et la tortue. In the next few weeks, the students will be filmed performing their play and as a result, will be practising the play quite a bit. The students have also been practising to sing the alphabet in French. L'alphabet

Visit from Barbara Reid

Thank you to everyone who helped this wonderful day come together and to the Cloth Family for their generous support of this event. 

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Looking Ahead


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Thank for you to those who supported our Scholastic orders this month. The books have been ordered and should arrive shortly.

Important Dates

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