JK - April 6 / 2018

Uniform return and or exchange with Top Marks

Please bring any new uniform purchase that you wish to return or exchange to Top Marks on Thursday, April 12, 2018 in the Junior School York Shop from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

Spring Athletics

Welcome to the Spring Season for Athletics!  Our Track and Field teams have started their practices, and our GADPs start next week!  If you still have not registered for any GADPs, there’s still time! Click here to register. If you have a child participating in athletics this season, you can easily see their schedule on The York School website, by clicking on your child’s name (top left of the menu bar) and scrolling down to Athletics near the bottom of the page.  Click on their team (it will be in blue) and you will be taken to the team page. Click over to the schedule for all the team practices and games. Have a great season, Gladiators!

Our Community Blue Jays game tickets are now on sale.  If you’d like to purchase tickets to the Sunday, June 10th game against the Baltimore Orioles, please click on the poster.

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International Day of Pink

The York School will recognize the International Day of Pink on Wednesday, April 11. Next Wednesday, students can wear pink clothing and accessories (pink t-shirt, socks, ribbons, etc.) in addition to their uniform. In their classrooms, students will engage in activities and discussions on themes of diversity, inclusion and bullying.


This week we focussed on spatial relationships. The children worked as a team giving directions and following directions, e.g. “Put the bear in the middle of the circle,” “Put the cube on top of the block.” As a cross-curricular blend, the children made towers and then documented their learning by writing what colour was on the top, in the middle and on the bottom. This week both classes completed some shared writing (everyone working together to write one story). Afterwards, the students created illustrations to match the story. The children also drew pictures of stories that had been read aloud, which supports their comprehension of the text. The children have loved being authors and creating their own books; we have been very impressed with all the wonderful storylines.

As a reminder: please see below our message from last week:

Please return all shoes (after to check to see if the shoes still fit!), a fresh set of spare clothes to be kept at school, and water bottles. The mornings may still be chilly, so please be sure that your child is dressed suitably for the cool mornings with hats, mitts and splash pants. We would also like to clarify that children are not permitted umbrellas during drop off or outdoor recess for safety reasons. They may keep them in their cubbies and use them to and from school.

We have noticed that children have started to wear non-uniform clothing or other items that don’t follow the uniform policy. We ask that headbands and hair accessories are school colours and that ‘costume jewellery’ not be worn to school. We appreciate your support with this, as when one child is coming to school out of uniform, it makes it difficult for other families to enforce correct uniform. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask Maria or Meg.

This week in Art, the JKs created wooden puppets while finishing their plaster dolls.

In French, we have been practising our play, Petit poussin, in class.

Looking Ahead

The next few weeks are busy and packed with exciting events - please make sure that you read the Flash and make note of any important upcoming dates. Please don’t hesitate to ask Maria or Meg if you have any questions.


April 10th - JK trip to the AGO

May 1st - JK trip to Botanical Garden (details to follow)

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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