JK - April 20 / 2018

We will have a table at the Second-Hand Sale Uniform Sale with great items at greatly reduced pricing. We will accept cash or charge your student account. If you have any questions in advance please email me at gbates@yorkschool.com.


What a fantastic turnout for our annual Grandpals’ and Special Friends Day! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet everyone and watch your children take such pride in showing their visitors around the school.

This week we compared and organized objects by size and used different descriptive words related to length and height, such as big and small, tall and short.  We read the story, The Three Bears and focussed on the objects that belonged to each bear, and compared the sizes.

Thank you to the families that sent in packages of seeds, we will start planting as soon as possible in order for the children to see growth. This week we focused our discussions around  seeds. The children were excited to share all their previous knowledge, as well as finding seeds in their snacks! Next we will be focussing on roots. We are also looking at the Line of Inquiry Caring for Plants; we are reading books, watching videos and discussing the five essential needs: water, air, space (room to grow), soil, and sunlight.

This week in Art, students learned more about how to work with clay and each student created a pinch pot.

In Music, the JKs chatted about butterflies and sang a song about the lifecycle of a caterpillar.  Students also sang a song saying goodbye to all things winter and saying hello to spring. The JK’s volunteered what we could sing about for winter and spring.  They also played rhythmic patterns on the percussion instruments.

In French, the students started to learn a new song called, Savez-vous planter des choux? It is a traditional French about planting cabbage with different body parts.

Savez-vous planter des choux?

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 10.17.12 AM.png


April 26th- Student led conferences (1:45 early dismissal)

May 1st- JK trip to Toronto Botanical Gardens

Important Dates

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