JK - May 17 / 2018

With this warm weather, please make sure that your child has a sun hat and that you apply sunscreen to them before school. If you like, you may also send in sunscreen that they may reapply themselves if necessary.

This week, we have begun to explore the concept of weight and mass. As a provocation, the children were asked to figure out who’s water bottle weighed the most and the least during snack time. They loved comparing and predicting so much that we extended into another activity - finding an item around the room that weighed more than and less than their shoe. They were also asked to predict which of the following items were heaviest: a huge blown up balloon or a small rock. Which do you think the majority of the children chose the first time around? We will continue to work with nonstandard measurement and focus on weight and mass over the next couple of weeks.

In preparation for our assembly, the children reviewed the lines of inquiry that we have covered in our unit,

  • Caring for plants,
  • Products we derive from plants, and
  • How plants contribute to life on earth.

The children are able to demonstrate their learning verbally, in writing, as well as through their artwork. The children continue to make connections while playing outside, often commenting on the parts of the plant or how the animals are using the plant/tree as a shelter.

This week in Art, the JKs learned about still life drawing. Each student began by looking at a plant and drawing what they saw on their wood panel. They have begun painting their panels and will continue next week.

In French, the students have been practising the play with the filming happening at the end of the month.

In Music, we explored different ways of moving reacting to the sounds of a drum.  We also practiced our songs about flowers for our upcoming concert!

In PSE we continue with activities around “How is my engine running?” and practicing deep breathing as one strategy for changing our “engine”. Follow these links to two resources we have used in class - a song by Raffi and a song by Elmo! The students continue to add to our list of ways we like to “change our engines” - here are some of their examples: To change from ‘low’ to ‘high’ they like to run, find a friend, go outside, hear a joke. To change from ‘high’ to ‘low’ or ‘just right’ they like to play with lego, read a book, drink water, colour.

JK Learning Celebrations
We need some “accessories” for our assembly!  If each child could bring in a pair of sunglasses and baseball hat (both labelled) it would be greatly appreciated. It would be preferable to have the items sent into school early next week, and then we can keep and practice with them. We will send the sunglasses and hat home on the 31st. JKB has gym on the day of the learning celebration, if your child is in JKB please send them to school in regular summer uniform.

We are working hard to prepare for this celebration, we look forward to seeing you on the morning of May 31!

May 31 - JK Learning Celebration -  9:15 - 10:00 AM in the cafeteria

June 14 - Junior School Fun Day at Oriole Park in the morning, followed by a pizza and ice cream lunch and small group activities in the afternoon

June 15 - Junior School Closing Assembly in the morning, followed by class parties in the afternoon

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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