JK - October 4 / 2018


This week, the JKs continued to look at pictures of how children play in different parts of the world, often with very limited resources. We discussed how our creativity and imagination allow us to play in many different ways. The children explored items that we collected on our nature walk last week. Some students spent their time trying to figure out what was inside of a pinecone. We also looked at children with different abilities and how everyone is able to play! We have talking about being caring and respectful towards one’s self and others, taking turns and listening to each others' ideas. We encourage the children to “cooperate” and work together with their classmates and play together peacefully, while at the same time advocating for themselves when they don’t like the type of play. Some of the phrases the JK students are learning are “friendship moves and friendship blocks,” which refer to actions that would help a friendship develop vs. actions that would block a friendship. We have also been talking about whole body listening and following the group plan (listening to and following instructions). This month, we will be focusing on the I.B. Learner Profile Trait: Principled. We read the story of The Empty Pot, which focused on this trait. Please be sure to ask your child about the story.

FRENCH - The students have been practising counting. They have been learning a song called, Le boogie woogie des chiffres. It is a song about numbers from one to eleven. Listen to the song here: Le boogies woogie des chiffres

ART - The Junior Kindergarten learners have been completing their self-portraits. They have also been creating backgrounds for their portraits using squares of tissue paper to create a variety of patterns using the colour attribute, as has been taught and practiced in their core classrooms. Please continue sending your items for The Beautiful Stuff Project to school in the brown paper bag that was provided last week. We plan to begin this project early next week. There is a basket in JK A labelled “The Beautiful Stuff Project” that each bag can be placed in.

MUSIC - We are using stuffies to find beat and rhythm. With our stuffies, we marched to “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. We continue to explore the space around us by moving in various ways to our “Walk, Walk and Stop” song. The JKs shared what they are thankful for and we sang the Raffi song “Thanks A Lot.’

PHE - We finished our team building challenge unit. We learned to encourage others, be good listeners, collaborate, problem solve and have fun.


We would like to give you advanced notice that the children are asked to collect and bring in pictures of themselves at play. We would ask that each child bring in 8 - 10 pictures (photocopy version, 3 x 5) that they will turn into a collage. The children will then present their collage to their peers at the beginning of November to wrap up the unit of Who We Are.

The JKA and JKB classes are looking for old magazines to use for cutting and pasting. We would appreciate child friendly magazines if you have any old ones to spare.

We wish you and your family and Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Please remember to send your child in rain boots, raincoat, and splash pants on rainy days. Although we do not go out in heavy rain, we will go out in drizzle.


Winter Uniform begins on Tuesday, October 9th. The children will continue to wear their outdoor shoes/rain boots for recess but their uniform black shoes will be worn when indoors (no lace up shoes please!). We know that shoes and uniforms can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to email or ask!


Scott, our dear little friend in JK A has been joining us mornings only at this point. I’m sure your child has told you that Scott broke his leg and will be in a wheelchair for a bit. Scott’s cast is in a bit of a bent position, hence the wheelchair. Scott is so happy to be back and we have been so lucky to have an extra staff member with us to help him maneuver in the classroom and around the school.

If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please make an appointment, email or call.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.