JK - October 26 / 2018


Thank you for coming out on this first round of parent teacher interviews, it was quick but so nice to chat about your child.

A huge thank you to  Class Parent, Talei Kunkel,  who organized and brought in a humongous pumpkin for each JK class.

The children of JK A and B investigated pumpkins, listened to stories about pumpkins and Halloween. Through these discussions, they wanted to find out where pumpkins came from, therefore, followed up with a video learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

As we are finishing up our Inquiry into play, students in both classes were put into teams to create their very own fort! Lots of communication and social skills were put to the test as they worked on making a plan, decision making and taking turns.

In French, the students started to learn the days of the week in French. The students have also been singing, C’est l’Halloween! Listen along here: C'est l'Halloween!

In art class, the Junior Kindergarten students have finished unpacking their Beautiful Stuff bags. Starting tomorrow, we will be sorting, classifying, and observing our Beautiful Stuff for our next project. Stay tuned to see some original loose parts art! If you did not send a bag with your child, please do so next week - we will add it to our collection!

In PHE class, the students are working on their soccer skills. They have been learning to trap, kick and dribble a ball through a variety of games and centres.

In Music, we continue to sing songs identifying beat and rhythm. They also drew pictures about the animals in the piece that we have been listening to Carnival of the Animals.

Flip Flop Over the Top

Thank you for practising the 'flip flop over the top' method with your child. It really shows, they are becoming such speedy dressers.


Thank you for sending in the pictures of your child at play. Next week they will begin make their pictures into a collage as we will be sharing with the class during the following week.

As this unit will soon be wrapping up, our hope is that the children were able to understand; that a lot of learning happens through play, children play all over the world and that their play may look different from ours, but it is still play.  Play does not have to mean buying new toys, they can play by using their imagination to help them navigate their world. Thank you to Mrs Kozman for helping us find a home for our toys. The toys were donated to the playroom of YWCA Toronto Elm centre which is a housing project for low-income women and their families in downtown Toronto.  

Junior School Athletics

Don’t forget to register your child in one of our Junior School Athletic Programs that are being offered for the winter term. Don’t see a sport your child would like to play? Check out our Gladiator Athletic Development Programmes and alternative sports we offer!
Click here to sign up!

School Uniform

This is a reminder to please label all pieces of your child’s uniform. We have many sweatshirts and sweatpants in the discovery zone that are not labeled. If your child is missing any clothing, please take a look in the Kindergarten area.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.