JK - November 16 / 2018


We hope that everyone had a lovely long weekend – it was great to hear all the stories from the children! Although we had a short week here at school, it was a busy one.

Please ensure that your child is prepared for the colder weather that has now approached us. Splash pants, rain boots and mittens (not gloves, unless they can put them on themselves) will ensure our students keep warm while outside playing. Splash pants are very important at this time of year as the playground is very wet.

We have introduced our new unit How the World Works.  Over the next couple of weeks. We will be inquiring into the concepts of hibernation, migration and adaptation. We will be discussing how animals and humans change their behaviours as the environment changes. We would love the children to bring in photos of any animals they notice outside so that we can investigate further into how they are preparing for the colder weather.

In French, the students started to practise our play, Le lievre et la tortue, once again

In Music, the JKs started to learn the first verse to “A Million Dreams” to be sung by the entire school at the Holiday Concert in December. The JKs also sang and acted out the song “The Grizzly Bear”.


Please continue to encourage your children to dress independently, especially with all the extra clothing that is now necessary.

We will be classifying animals based on where they live; air, land and water, and whether animals hibernate, migrate or adapt.

We continue to learn our letter names and corresponding sounds with a keyword (a word that starts with that letter sound). As we learn our letters and sounds, we also draw the letters on a daily. We are focussing on proper formation of letters and numbers, remember, they start from the top!


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.