JK - November 23 / 2018


This week the children looked at pictures of animals and we discussed what they might do to prepare for the colder weather. We sorted animals under I like winter or I don’t like winter. We also read stories and watched videos where we followed up with discussions about migration, hibernation and adaptation.

We continue to work on our sound symbol association, and with this unit, we have introduced many new words to their growing vocabulary. We continue to practice proper formation of letters and printing our name. Most children now are remembering to print their name of their work without reminders.

We have been making patterns with animals, noticing the patterns that may be on animals, and sorting animals according to many attributes such as, “do they have fur or no fur”?, “do they fly in the sky or stay on land, or on water”?


This week in Art class, students in Junior Kindergarten are completing their summative projects for their previous unit on play, and are also beginning work on their new unit as they investigate further into animal habitats and seasonal changes.


In French, the students have started to learn about the colours in French. The students have started to learn a new song called, L’arc-en-ciel (The Rainbow). Listen along here: Arc-en-ciel


In Music, the JKs have started learning the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. They listened to and watched the Trepak (Russian) dance and then practiced jumping like the dancers. They continue to practice their songs for the Harmony Concert on December 21st.


In PHE, the students have just finished a Frisbee unit. They worked on throwing and catching through a variety of centres. Next week we will have fun with the parachute!


Please continue to encourage your children to dress independently, especially with all the extra clothing that is now necessary. Please be sure that your child has the following items in their cubbies to keep at school; a couple of pairs of socks (often their socks get wet from playing outside), extra pair of mittens, waterproof mittens for snowy days, boots that are easy to pull on and off, snow pants that are not fleece lined as they tend to catch on their clothes and are very difficult to pull up, refrain from scarves and send in a neck warmer instead (these are much safer!).

Please label everything, you can just label using a permanent marker on the tags. A reminder to also look through the lost and found in our basement, it is very full of various clothing after just cleaning it out two weeks ago.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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