JK - November 30 / 2018


This week, the students have been inquiring into different animals and their habitats. They have been sorting animals based on: migration, hibernation and adaptations. We are also working on how humans adapt to the winter by putting on their winter clothing. We are also working on research skills and using books to help us learn more about animals.


In Language, we are continuing to reinforce sound symbol association. We are experimenting with putting two letters together and making sounds. Students are eager to sound out words and write.


In Math, we are continuing to work out numbers and quantities. We are using 10 frames to help organize quantities of 10.


In Music, the JKs sang about clues that winter is coming. We discussed what bears do in the winter and sang our Hibernation song. The JKs are doing an amazing job learning the dance to Joy, a Diwali song that will be performed at the Harmony Concert on December 21st.


In French, the students have been practising their play, Le lievre et la tortue, in class. They should be filmed performing their play in the next few weeks


Please remember not to send toys from home to school, there is a possibility that they may get lost.

Thank for you to those who supported our Scholastic orders this month, they have arrived and have been sent home.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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