JK - January 11 / 2019


Happy New Year! Ms. Maria and Ms. Yochabel hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We are excited to be back and ready to tackle 2019.

We reviewed which animals hibernate and migrate. We continued our discussions on what it means to adapt to our environment. We are also starting to gear up for our summative task, which is building habitats.

This week, the children spent time recording moments from their holiday in their journals; they did a great job drawing and adding text to their illustrations. We will be working on understanding rhyming words, and the children have already begun noticing the rhyming words in books and songs we sing. We will learn rhyming using real and nonsense words.


In French, the students have been reviewing the vocabulary that they have been learning since the beginning of the school year. After a two week break, the students have been revisiting and practising basic French vocabulary to start the term on the right foot.


In Art, we’ve completed our first self-portrait of 2019! You will see these on Seesaw early next week. We continue to spend time crafting both our clay animals and habitats as we learn more about adaptation, hibernation, and migration with Ms. Yochabel and Ms. Maria.


In Music, the students reviewed our song about a hibernating bear. They moved to the music to show heavy and light sounds. The JKs have also started looking at snow and how it moves and how it sounds. They did a tone matching activity and added items to the snowman each time they sang.


In PHE, the students finished off a balls skills unit were they had been working on bouncing, dribbling, shooting and even bounce pass skills. Next week we will start to work on throwing and catching skills through centre and games.


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