JK - September 15 / 2017

Weekly Highlights:
The first full week of school was a great success! The children are comfortable with the busy routine and enjoy all their classes. Although some of the children seemed a bit tired by the end of the week, they continued to show their enthusiasm right up until it was time to go home.

Thank you to all the parents that came out and supported us with the Terry Fox Run, it was fun and very much appreciated. We also want to thank all the parents for adhering to our drop off and pick up policy. Everything is running very smoothly.

This week the JKs were introduced to Handwriting Without Tears and worked with MAT MAN. We introduced practical life activities, worked on name printing, and drew a self-portraits. Our morning meetings focussed on making and establishing our essential agreements. We also had our first Social Emotional Learning class with Ms. Faba where she read stories about how children like to play and making friends. 

French: The students were introduced to French for the very first time over the past two weeks. Madame Almeida, their French teacher, comes into their classroom for twenty minutes four times a week. They learned about la ligne magique (the magic line) which is put into their classroom every class to remind them to speak exclusively in French. If they manage to do so (they are allowed to say three English words per class), they get a ticket that says they only spoke French in class. Every two Fridays, two prizes are given to students who participated in class exclusively in French. The students have had their first sac a surprises this week. Au revoir!

Music: In Music, students are being introduced to the concept of beat and the many ways it can be expressed in the body. Games focus on phrasing (stopping, starting, finger plays) as well as traveling through space using large motor movements over a specific time duration (8 to 16 beats) in order to build pattern recognition skills that appear in the majority of children’s repertoire. Simple songs are sung with a so-mi (G and E on the piano) tonset. 

Art: This week in Art, the JKs learned all about primary colours while reading the book “Mix It Up.” They then explored the use of watercolour paints and mixed red, blue, and yellow to create new colours. Also this week, the JKs learned about self-portraits. Using primary colour shapes cut from construction paper, students created a picture of themselves.

What beautiful weather we had this week! The mornings can still be quite chilly and the children are outside for thirty minutes. Please be sure that they have a jacket or warm sweater on upon arrival. We have had some children bringing in toys this week. Although we are excited that the children are keen to share their favourite things with their new friends, we would ask that toys stay at home (or in their backpacks) to prevent anything from getting lost or broken.
We have noticed that many children are wanting to bring home their water bottles at the end of the day. Please help your child(ren) understand that their water bottle stays at school for the week. Many families have brought in their children’s indoor and outdoor shoes, thank you. We are putting a black dot on the back of your child’s shoes to indicate that they are their indoor/PHE. shoes. We hope that this will make it easier for them and us to remember. A reminder that the summer uniform should be worn with running shoes, these indoor running shoes are suitable for PHE and we ask that they are left at school in the bottom of the cubby. We know that shoes and uniforms can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to email or ask!  

Co-Curricular Programme
The Fall 2017 Co-Curricular Programme commences the week of September 18th.
There is still availability for:

Wednesdays - LEGO® Nexo Contraptions  (JK - Grade 1).

Please contact Carol Klestinec at cklestinec@yorkschool.com to register.

Looking Ahead:
A trip to Round the Bend Farm (Date TBA)
Casual Day: September 29th
Thanksgiving Weekend - no school Friday or Monday: October 6th - 9th