JK - January 18 / 2019



This week, we focussed on Geometry and Spatial Sense. We began investigating two-dimensional shapes and applied our mathematical problem-solving skills to different activities. The children were provided with provocations and encouraged to find shapes around their environment. We also traced, painted and worked with shapes using various materials.


The children have been encouraged to add their own text to their journals and they are doing a great job. We continue to work with a variety of exercises which include, matching sound to a symbol, training the ear to listen for initial sounds, and building and reading phonetic words. Additionally, high frequency words were recently introduced.

Students have their very own Book Bags! These bags will keep their Library books safe. Please bring the bags, with the library books back on library days.


In Art, students are in their final days of completing their final piece for the adaptation/hibernation/migration unit on animals. This was a three-fold project where they used watercolours, printmaking, and fine ink pens to illustrate their animal in its habitat. We also took time to learn about printmaking - each student made prints with their unique foam stamp.


In French, the students have been learning about the weather. They have been singing a song called Quel temps fait-il?. The students have to learn to describe the weather in French.

Quel temps fait-il?


In Music, the JKs reviewed the sounds so and mi while singing our song Teddy Bears and while moving with their own teddy bear. The JKs practiced passing on the beat in the song On a Log, Mr. Frog. The students also sang their song about a hibernating bear.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.