JK - February 1 / 2019


Students have started to inquire about what is imagination and how do you use your imagination. In JKA, students have been using their imagination through their restaurant in the Dramatic Play Center. In JKB, students have been using their imagination through a puppet center, where students are creating, writing and performing their own plays.


In geometry, we have been discussing that all shapes have lines, points and or curves. Children have been more aware of the geometric shapes in their environment.


In French, the students have been practising to say the date, counting up to 30, and describing the cold weather in French.


In Music, the JKs used streamers to move to different styles of music from Erik Satie to Darth Vader’s theme song! They have also learned a partner Valentine rap that starts “3-5-7-9, Will you be my Valentine…”.


In Art class, the JK’s have completed their animal habitat pieces using watercolours, block printing ink, and pen. This week, they are invited to explore a variety of artistic provocations that are focussed around the new math unit, geometry. We will be beginning a large-scale piece using shapes next week.


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Looking Ahead

Parent-teacher interviews are just around the corner - February 5th. Please note that you need to select 3 blocks, 15 minutes, with homeroom teachers and 5 minutes, one block, with the specialist. On February 5th there will be an early dismissal. JK/SK students will be dismissed at 1:45 PM.

Valentine's Day is also quickly approaching! If your child shows an interest in making Valentine’s Day cards, we ask that you make cards for the entire class. We will be handing out our Valentine’s on the morning of February 14th. We also want to ensure that all the children feel included and cared for. In addition, if your child is not up for writing out all of their classmate's names, they can just sign their own name. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask Ms. Yochabel or Ms. Maria.

JK A - Ms. Maria
Sammy Bordo
Rishaan Chande
Kaitlyn Chiu
Griffin Doyle
Scott Driscoll
Martin Du
Chase Einav
Edward Falus
Gemma Levy
Robbie Marshall
Alba Mele
Sebastian Mortimore
Matty Price
Ela Reghabi
Logann Shostack-Lee
Dylan Turk

JKB- Ms. Yochabel
Ariana Aarabi
Nicola Bloomberg
Kyle Joshi
Charlie Kozman
Arlo Levey
Rose Marshall
Emily Murray
Jaden Nissan
Edward Pace
Emme Sadeh
Isla Sahota
Oliver Stewart-Rudisuli
Bridget Sullivan
Pearse Weisberg
Noah Zuckerman

Our school-wide Wellness Week is coming up! Please see the poster below for each days details.

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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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