JK - February 14 / 2019


What a week! Short but sweet! The children had fun experiencing mindful activities on Monday. We practiced yoga, mindful colouring, mindful tasting (which included a dill pickle) and pebble meditation. On Wednesday, we finished up our Valentine cards with our grade 2/3 learning buddies. On Thursday we had our very own mini Valentine’s celebration including, crafts, games, stories and a video.


In Music, the JKs drew pictures to show how music makes them feel and also coloured hearts to put up on the Music room bulletin board. The students also reviewed their Valentine poems and songs.


In PHE the JK’s started a scooter board unit. We will playing games, doing relays and having fun on them.


In French, we have continued to speak about the weather and share a story about how animals adapt to their environment with the changing seasons.

Looking Ahead

We wish you all a happy and healthy family day. We look forward to seeing everyone after the long weekend.

The Junior School’ annual Book Fair has been moved to February for March Break Reading! Click HERE to complete the electronic book purchasing permission for your child[ren].

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Thanks for your orders. We will keep you posted when our next flyer goes out.


Each year a group of grade 11's travel to India during March Break to volunteer at Global Pathways School. We have a special connection with the school as the founders of the school are the previous Head of York School and Head of the Junior School. Currently a past Grade 9 ICE teacher, Jim Brickell, is the Principal of Global Pathways School.

The students travelling to GPS enjoy two weeks of volunteering in the classrooms, taking field trips with the classes, enjoying recess on the play structures that have been donated by The York School community and spend time with students in the classes and their homes.

Before departing on this adventure we collect donations to take with us in duffle bags to hand out to the community. This years' wish list is here. If you have any of the following items stored away in your closets and are looking to find a new home for these items, please bring them to The York School, there are bins in the Gathering Place to deposit the items. We will be collecting these items until Monday, February 25th. Many thanks in advance for your donations.

-The Global Pathways School Team

Also - Global Pathways School Day - Wednesday February 20th!

Wear green, white, orange, pay what you like, making a contribution towards technology at GPS


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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