JK - February 22 / 2019


Students have been inquiring into imagination and creativity. In JKB, students have created their very own sock puppets and have been exploring the “puppet box” and how to make shadows. In addition, they are working on characters, props and puppet production. In JKA,  students are expressing themselves by making books! Students are inquiring into how to start a story and add a title. Students have been reading books without words and using their imagination to come up with a story.

Students continue to explore shapes and their number sense. Students took pictures around The York School of shapes that they see. They then classified the shapes based on their attributes and shared “how do you know?”.


In French, the students also have been learning a new song about winter.
Les saisons: C'est l'hiver


In Music, the JKs reviewed rhythmic patterns with popsicle sticks. The students are also learning the song, A, You’re Adorable.


This week in Art, the JKs introduced themselves to Ms. Andrea by drawing an all-about-me picture. Students used markers and pencil crayons to create a drawing of themselves with their favourite things.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to explore using our imagination and creativity through books and shapes. Students will be illustrating to sentences and making up sentences to illustrations. We are encouraging students to tell a story, look for/add details in their illustrations/sentences and to use their imagination!

The Junior School’ annual Book Fair has been moved to February for March Break Reading! Click HERE to complete the electronic book purchasing permission for your child[ren].

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Thanks for your orders. We will keep you posted when our next flyer goes out.


India Donation Drive Wish List - Drop off in Gathering Place before February 25th

Global Pathways School is looking for gently used items below - get your spring cleaning done and out of the way early! This years' wish list is here. We will be collecting these items until Monday, February 25th. Many thanks in advance for your donations.

-The Global Pathways School Team


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