Middle School - March 29 / 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from March break vacation. I hope there was lots of family, fun and leisure time over the break.  Exciting plans are underway for the Middle School for the final term of school. Students can look forward to spring athletics, the Middle School Arts Showcase, Challenge Week, the Middle School Dance Social and a series of other events to engage and bring our community together both academically and socially.


Helen Gin

Middle School Principal

The Fulford League - Judges Needed!

The Fulford League is the oldest student debate leagues in Ontario. Comprising of 21 CIS schools, the League meets three times a year in healthy competition. This year, The York School has the honour of hosting the final competition of the League calendar. The Spring Fulford event will be held on the 21st of April in the Middle and Senior School. The prepared motion is: This house should rescind Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary Canadian citizenship.

In order for the event to run smoothly and to ensure that students from other CIS schools have a great experience, we are in need of debate judges! No experience is required, as there is a briefing on how to judge debate. The briefing will begin at 9 am and the final round will end between 2 and 2:30 pm. If you are free, please fill out this form and join us in what promises to be an exciting day of discourse and discussion!

In addition, we have four students from Ashbury College in Ottawa who have requested billeting for one night (Friday-Saturday). Please contact Grace Nolan directly if you can assist.

- Grace Nolan, Shannon Barber and Rob Burkett

Middle School Debaters at Junior Provincials    

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.15.58 AM.png

On Saturday 3 March, six Middle School debaters travelled to Ottawa to debate at the Junior Provincials Debating Championships. The prepared motion was This House would force all communication tech companies ( eg. Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. ) to provide all data ( such as user conversations, GPS info, etc. ) in an unencrypted form when requested to do so by the courts in addition to three impromptu debate motions. At the end of the day, the students did well finishing all with three wins and two losses. Special kudos goes to the team of Jamie Rygiel-Baban and Elliott Friedland who placed 11th overall and the team of Anna Aber and Ben Daniels who placed 12th out of 40 teams. Individually, Jamie placed 11th and Anna placed 12th. As a result of their ranking, the team of Frieldand and Rygiel-Baban have qualified for the Junior National Debating Championships this May in Calgary! This is quite a feat, as the six students were the highest ranking Grade 8s teams. Way to go, debaters!

Middle School Public Speakers dominate at UTS!

Students Ben Singer, Alex Baldwin (Grade 7), Julia Hardy (Grade 7), Shoshana Iny (Grade 7) Ruby Grinberg (Grade 9) and Taira Mehta (Grade 8)

Students Ben Singer, Alex Baldwin (Grade 7), Julia Hardy (Grade 7), Shoshana Iny (Grade 7) Ruby Grinberg (Grade 9) and Taira Mehta (Grade 8)

On Tuesday, 27 March, five York School students travelled to UTS to participate in the Provincial Qualifier for the Junior National Public Speaking Championships and the Middle School Debaters did not disappoint. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Alex Baldwin (Grade 7 )- Placed 4th for her persuasive speech about the lack of creative writing in the school curriculum - Placed 3rd for her reading “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories: Rapunzel” - Placed 3rd Overall
  • Julia Hardy (Grade 7) - Placed 3rd for her persuasive speech about the Australian Immigration Detention Centres in Nauru and Manus - - Placed 9th in her reading of Dorothy Parker’s “The Waltz” - Placed 8th Overall
  • Shoshana Iny (Grade 7) - Placed 6th for her her speech about the water crisis in Cape Town
  • Taira Mehta (Grade 8) - Placed 2nd in Impromptu speaking

As a result of their placements, Alex Baldwin and Julia Hardy will join a senior school student and represent York and Ontario at the Junior National Public Speaking Championships! This is the seventh year in a row that York has sent students to the championships and Alex and Julia were the youngest competitors in the field. Special thank you to Grade 10 student and MIddle School Debate Alum Ben Singer for mentoring the students. Congratulations, debaters!

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.