April 26 / 2019


Congratulations to our students and Arts faculty for an outstanding evening of the arts.

We are fortunate that the arts is a pillar of our academic curriculum and that our students have been educated in an area that nurtures the creative mind. Congratulations to all of our students who showed courage and confidence in sharing their learning whether it was on stage or on the art boards.  Thank you to the arts faculty: Diane Drysdale, Cody McFarlane, Fabio Biagiarelli, Danielle Neville, Otino Corsano and Shannon Barber for fostering the artistic talents of our students. Also, thanks to the many folks behind the scene, facilities, IT, HR teachers, and our production leader, Katie McParlan.  Thank you to Jack and Julia for being dynamic emcees.

Robocup Junior Competition

On Tuesday, April 23rd The York School robotics and programming club competed in a robotics competition at St. Andrews College.

It is universally recognized that technology greatly influences our lives, both locally and globally. Not only does it affect business and government, but on an individual level, it provides tools for improving the lives of many people. This year St. Andrew’s College offered lightweight Soccer at the secondary level and three versions of the Rescue Challenge at both the primary and secondary levels.

Shoutouts to the following students for sharing and demonstrating their learning with us: Amelia Ellis, Kumkum Anugopal, Eric Pinkerton, Stuart Boyden, Eve Raby, Mysha Gilani, Shelly Finkelstein, Nithin Prasad, Edward Laposata, Tony Song and Avery Moorhead. Congratulations to Stu Boyden and Eric Pinkerton for placing 2nd in the Maze Competition. We are excited to continue our learning journey in STEM and join future RoboCup competitions in the next school year.

Looking Forward

Challenge Week 2019 “Experience Teaches”

Challenge Week is an embodiment our school’s motto and commitment to experiential learning! During the week of May 6-10th, Challenge Week trips will take our Grade 6-10 students and teachers across Canada and North America. Parents can follow the adventures of the Challenge Week trips on Twitter and other social media channels using the hashtag #yorklearns.

Challenge Week Laptop Drop-off & Refresh - Now open!

LIT Animated.gif

We are excited to announce that we will be offering Middle School students (Grade 7 & 8) the opportunity to drop off their computers with the LIT department prior to challenge week so we can apply the yearly summer refresh “early”. For those students who want to avoid dropping off their laptops over the summer they can now take advantage of this new challenge week window and get it done early. This yearly refresh helps keep the student laptops in working order by updating the operating system and anti-virus, applying new patches and drivers and some other basic tune ups. Please encourage your sons & daughters to drop off their laptop with the LIT department prior to challenge week and they can pick it up first thing the following Monday. This does not apply to current Grade 6 students as they currently use school owned Chromebooks.

Leadership Opportunities: Grade 8 Leaders and Grade 8 House Captains

Over the next couple of weeks, the current Grade 7’s will have the opportunity to apply for two exciting leadership roles for the 2019-2020 school year: Grade 8 Leader and Grade 8 House Captain.  Ms. McParlan has sent out all application information to all grade 7 students and has hosted information sessions about these opportunities on April 24th and 25th. All interested students in either Grade 8 Leader or House Captain positions for 2019-2020 need to complete the application form by Friday, May 3rd.  Encourage your son or daughter to get involved to lead the middle school in a variety of initiatives to bring our community together.

Summer Uniform begins May 1st

With the warmer weather and the summer uniform date to begin May 1st, students are welcome to wear the summer uniform. The details are outlined below.  Winter uniform is also welcome.

The summer uniform is comprised of the following:

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 11.17.43 AM.png

Middle School Parent Pub Night - May 8

During Challenge Week while the kids are away, Middle School Parents are invited to a Pub Night at The Quail (at Yonge and Roxborough).  Food platters will be provided by the YPA.  RSVP below for a fun evening out. Please contact ypa@yorkschool.com for any questions.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 3.30.21 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.14.44 PM.png


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times

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