May 3 / 2019


Congratulations Closing Ceremonies Speakers

We would like to thank all of the amazing applicants who put their name forth to be a speaker at our upcoming Closing Ceremony on June 14, 2019. Middle School teachers and students voted, and the Middle School leadership team reviewed the applications in order to determine 2 speakers for each grade.

Our Grade speakers for the 2018/2019 school year:
Grade 6: Arly Skaffe & Ben Weinstein
Grade 7: Grace Plumpton-Hill & Sam Weisdorf
Grade 8: Alex Baldwin & Joshua Gough

Looking Forward

Community Service Awareness Week

Starting May 13th, 2019, the York School Community Service Club will proudly present a week of awareness-based activities designed to build a more inclusive world.  

The week will build an understanding of the life experiences of children and youth living with physical challenges as well as adults living with intellectual disabilities.

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Spring Recognition Assembly - Celebrates learning and the Middle School Major Awards

Dear parents,

As communicated in March, the Middle School Closing Ceremony has been revisioned to celebrate all students’ learning and growth. To accommodate for the changes to the Middle School Closing Ceremony on June 14, 2019, the format of the spring recognition assembly will include the distribution of major middle school awards that was previously a component of the Middle School Closing Ceremony, as well as celebrate the learning and growth of students in the spring term in the areas of leadership, service, clubs, and athletics.  At this year’s Spring Recognition Assembly the following will be presented: The York Award, Leadership Award, Fellowship Award, Dedication Award, Debating Award and the Athlete of the Year awards. Parents of students who have been recognized for these awards will be notified by email and invited to attend the Spring Recognition Assembly on Monday, May 27th.

June 7th - June 14th Schedule Activities

Challenge Week Laptop Drop-off & Refresh - Now open!

LIT Animated.gif

We are excited to announce that we will be offering Middle School students (Grade 7 & 8) the opportunity to drop off their computers with the LIT department prior to challenge week so we can apply the yearly summer refresh “early”. For those students who want to avoid dropping off their laptops over the summer they can now take advantage of this new challenge week window and get it done early. This yearly refresh helps keep the student laptops in working order by updating the operating system and anti-virus, applying new patches and drivers and some other basic tune ups. Please encourage your sons & daughters to drop off their laptop with the LIT department prior to challenge week and they can pick it up first thing the following Monday. This does not apply to current Grade 6 students as they currently use school owned Chromebooks.

Summer Uniform begins May 1st

With the warmer weather and the summer uniform date to begin May 1st, students are welcome to wear the summer uniform. The details are outlined below.  Winter uniform is also welcome.

The summer uniform is comprised of the following:

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Middle School Parent Pub Night - May 8

During Challenge Week while the kids are away, Middle School Parents are invited to a Pub Night at The Quail (at Yonge and Roxborough).  Food platters will be provided by the YPA.  RSVP below for a fun evening out. Please contact for any questions.

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Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times