June 14 / 2019


Closing remarks - June 14th Ceremony - Principal Helen Gin

2018-2019  was another exciting year of new learning and growth.  We experienced a lot of new this year; a new all school Terry Fox route on the belt line, a new grade 6 and 7 Challenge Week experience, and new unexpected time in our schedules such as a snow day, and a delayed exam start day to accommodate for game 5 in the Raptors vs Warriors NBA series.  (and the Raptor’s winning the NBA championship) -Way to go Raptors.

Today’s closing ceremony highlights that our community is caring, inquiring, knowledgeable and engaged. We saw your care in social justice issues, such as poverty, homelessness and mental health. We saw your inquiry on how to reduce plastics in the oceans, or how you were going to stay warm on Challenge Week with only one dry set of clothes. We observed that your knowledge expanded about Louis Riel and New France, that mathematics such as converting ratios to fractions to percentages is helpful in knowing how to compute prices. Trust me you use this in your life. We saw you use your skills in mindfulness to help you de-escalate negative emotions.  All of these lessons are a snapshot of the knowledge you have acquired.

There are also many unspoken special memories that each student holds about the school year. These memories extend beyond the list of summatives completed, presentations delivered, trail mails sent, and activities experienced. Memories are created from the relationships that you have made and the funny anecdotes you have lived. While your stories are personal and written by you, they are also connected to an emotion that will be imprinted in your memory.  I hope you will remember a story of someone unexpectedly helping you, or perhaps pushed to the boundaries of your comfort zone, or learning to overcome a challenging situation. It is the combination of emotions and experiences that grow you.  Today, your teachers, family and friends  celebrate your growth and personal achievements.

Congratulations to everyone who tried a new thing this year.” - J. Gough

I would like to present  a video that looks back on the year we shared together as a community in the Middle School, and hope you are reminded that school is about learning, making connections, growing and having fun. Enjoy!

I would also like you to join me in giving thanks to your teachers who not only taught you curriculum knowledge and skills, but did so with the utmost care and dedication to helping you be your ‘best self’.  They are among the best teachers in the world.

Have a fantastic summer.

Sincerely, Helen Gin
Middle School Principal

See more closing ceremony photos on our Facebook page.

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Report cards will be made available during the last week of June through our digital platform, YorkNet.  An email will be sent alerting you to its availability for download. For this final report, the school will issue a paper copy via Canada Post.  In this mailing, students who have met exemplary academic achievements will receive a certificate. Academic achievements are defined as follows:

-Honor Roll (79.5%-84.4%)

-Principal’s list (84.5%-89.4%)

-Head’s List (89.5% and higher)  

Looking Ahead to the 2019-2020 Academic Year

The academic calendar for the upcoming school year is now posted on YorkNet to allow you to make plans.  Please note the following dates:

Tuesday, September 3 - New student orientation (for newly incoming families to the York school in grades 6, 7, 8). Students who are homeroom buddies will be sent an email with details about the day.

Wednesday, September 4 - School officially starts at 8:25 am.

Grade 7 and 8 students will be provided with a list of stationery supplies posted on YorkNet when the report cards are made available. Part of the middle schoolers growing independence is having a system to manage their school materials.