Junior School - All News October 26


The YPA & The York School have an EPIC afternoon planned on Halloween! For a howling good time PARENTS WELCOME!

Timing for Halloween Party at the Junior School on October 31:

  • 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Children change into Costumes

  • 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Parade around the block and return to playground for Time-Warp Dance in the playground

  • 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm - Special Show in the Gym for Grades 1-5. JK/SK will go to their area for special activities and party. Grade 1-5 Parents to go to Gathering Space for refreshments during the show.

  • 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm - Floor Parties - Crafts, Games & Snacks

Note: There will be a staggered start for the parade with Grades 1-3 first, Grades 4-5 second, and JK/SK last. (Note: JK/SK will return to the classroom after the parade to start their class party at approximately 2pm. They will not participate in time warp dance).

If you want to practice the time-warp dance, please see this video “How to do the Time Warp” (it’s as simple as a jump to the left, and a step to the right!)

Parents are welcome to attend any or of all of the activities from 1pm on. Dressing up is welcome!


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Post Halloween Candy Drive

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Forest Hill Orthodontics to join their Swap your Sweets Candy Drive. At the Junior School, from Nov. 1st to Nov. 9th we will be collecting all extra or leftover candy from Halloween in a box in the Gathering Space. For every pound of donated candy, Forest Hill Orthodontics will donate one dollar to their JACKPOT. The school who brings in the most candy will win the entire jackpot up to a maximum of $1000. The candy will be donated to less fortunate children overseas. Some of these children have never had candy before. This is a great way to save your teeth and share sweet treats with others.