All News November 16

Not to be outdone by the Middle and Senior School who post a bi-weekly YorkTV episode, the Junior School put on their journalistic hats (and dialed up the cute factor) to show the students at 1320 Yonge how reporting ought to be done! A snapshot from York News JS, episode 1!


Dear Parents,

Roadtripping?  Or staying home? Need an audiobook or ebook?

The York Digital Library, found at,  is open 24/7 with over 1000 resources! Click HERE to access your child’s York Library card[s] information. Reading together can boost children’s learning, language and imagination.  Happy Reading!

Ms. Spencer

Pick Up and Drop Off Reminder

Dear Parents,

As we get into November and the threat of snow looms (Yay!! Yikes!!), we remind all parents of our parking and driving expectations. Note there is no parking between the school and the corner of Glen Elm and when parents park there it creates a dangerous situation for both pedestrians and drivers and can upset our neighbours.

Many thanks for your cooperation and keeping all of us safe this coming winter.

Val and Struan

Coffee Morning - Nov. 20

Dear Parents

Our York International Parents Committee is excited to announce our next coffee morning being held in the Junior school cafe on Tuesday November 20th from 8:30 to 10 AM.

We are such a diverse community rich in culture and experiences united by our children and The York School community. All parents are invited.

Come share tips about living in Toronto and stories from abroad. Middle and Senior parents are encouraged to attend as well! Invite your York friends and enjoy a great opportunity to connect or reconnect before winter takes hold.

Check out the Parent Event Tab in the Flash. Interested in joining the York International Parents committee or hosting an event? Please email us at

Did you know?

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