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PARENT PROFILE - a happy and busy family at the York School


Andrea and Vitor are great supporters of the York School. So when we asked them if we could interview them for a Parent Profile about what The York School means to them and why they support the school, they happily agreed. Teachers, staff & students appreciate their support in allowing The York School to be the best it can be. We are honoured to have so many wonderful families at The York School.

What was your and Vitor’s first impression of The York School?

We first visited TYS in 2015 when we were looking for a school for our older child, and met some teachers, the directors and some parents on that day. Our first impression was very positive, and we felt that the school was at the perfect size. It offered what we were looking for: an excellent co-ed and international education with a personalized touch. Everyone was very engaged and confident with the program they were proposing. At that moment, we could foresee the level of instruction our child would be getting, so we enrolled our daughter. Once she started at the TYS, our expectations were exceeded. She adapted quickly to the new environment, and she loved the school, her teachers, colleagues, and activities. The school is not only a great institution; it is also a great community with such a fantastic group of teachers, administrative personnel, students and their parents.

It was so amazing to watch our daughter flourish at the school. So when it came to look for schools for our second child, there was no hesitation. Our son started this year, and he is having a great year. In next couple of years, TYS will be getting another application for our youngest daughter, who is two years old. She is already keen to go to school because of all the stories her older siblings share with her at home.

What is your and Vitor’s favourite thing about The York School?

Vitor: I like TYS program and the teaching methodology. It is fascinating to see the kids getting a comprehensive knowledge of a specific topic rather than traditional fragmented teaching.  

Andrea: I like the community atmosphere we have at TYS. Everyone around the school, from teachers to parents, is welcoming and enthusiastic about the school. It is a unique institution in that way.   

What would your children say is their favourite thing about The York School?

They are both thrilled with TYS. Our daughter loves the teachers, gym and after-school programs. Our son loves his classes, the gym, play (learning!) with iPads and recess of course in the playground.

What would your children say is their favourite thing about the The York School Playground?

They both enjoy the playground and the time they spend playing with their friends. They both enjoy the supernova. Also, our daughter likes to climb the big rock, and our son enjoys the slides. They love to stay in aftercare to get in more playtime. Free play is important and liberating for them.

You are very involved with the school, what is one reason you choose to be so involved with the school. For example attending our Coffee Connects or volunteering as a Class Parent?  

We enjoy participating in the activities at TYS. It is always good to be updated with the program, see our kids class events, and it is an excellent opportunity for connecting with other parents.  Andrea is now a class parent for both grades of our kids, and she volunteers as much as she can to the extracurricular and field trips. She enjoys a lot to be involved in the school's activities. Vitor was pleased to come and talk about the circulatory system in grade 2. He made the kids discover and explore the heart and vessels with stethoscopes and doppler machines. It was so fun!

What did you gain from your volunteer experience?

It is a fantastic experience to support the activities at school as a volunteer. It is an exciting learning experience as well a delightful connection with the kids, other parents and teachers. It’s wonderful to see the children’s eyes light up with excitement in learning something ‘wow’.     

When your friends/family find out that you volunteer, what do they say or ask?

I wish I could come and spend time in the classroom more often

Vitor: I am very proud of my wife for being a volunteer and class parent. She loves to be involved in the school activities and she is happy to contribute to our kids education. I was very happy coming to share with the children about the body’s physiology and my profession (I am a Neurosurgeon).

What inspired you to make your first donation to the school?

We are building a school together

We are delighted and very impressed by TYS. We happily sponsor several charity institutions and educational supporting programs worldwide. When we heard about the playground campaign, we thought that it could be an excellent opportunity for us to support TYS. Our kids enjoy their time in the playground with their friends, so we are looking forward to seeing it completed.  

If you had a friend who was interested in donating to the school what would you tell them is the best part about being a donor here?

We certainly encourage supporting TYS for the benefit of the best learning and for our children. It is an excellent school with high values, that is always investing in the improvements on its infrastructure to provide the best educational services for our children. The best part of being a donor is the feeling that we are building the school together.

Our community is changing, our city is changing, our country is changing... the knowledge is evolving, technology is transforming our daily life and the way we do things, interact and educate

What do you think will change about the school in the next 5 years?

We expect that the school will continue to be dynamic and adapt to the evolution of our society and prepare our kids for the future being good citizens and accomplished professionals on whatever field they decide to pursue.

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Playground Update and Construction

Dear Parents,

On Friday, May 3rd the Junior School Playground is closed for the entire day due to construction. Construction will be completed by pick up time in the afternoon. Thank you for your cooperation!


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Have you seen the VR video rendering of our new Junior School Playground? Come see what the children will be playing on in September 2019!

The York School’s $1.5 million playground will be home to our 250 Junior School students throughout the school day for Recess, Outdoor Learning and After-School practices!

A BIG THANK YOU to our faculty, students and parents who have provided valuable input along the way.

With opportunities to play, learn and take risk - The York School’s Playground promises to be an extension of the classroom. Through your generous support, our Architects have designed a Playground that our children will absolutely love, and many of you have been instrumental in helping raise $ 1,025,000 so far. Thank you. Only a final $ 475,000 left to go!

Help support the creation of a new innovative, multi-functional playground. To get involved, please contact


Winter is almost over! Sign up for Spring athletics here. 

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