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Terry Fox runs, Climate Strikes, and a most beautiful tribute to Miss Kate, our budding reporters showed off their talent by putting together York News! Produced by Mr. Afzal Shaikh and Ms. Ingrid Sadangsal, this is the first episode of hopefully many to highlight the happenings at The York School. Congratulations students!


If Halloween is one of your favourite holidays and you are interested in being a part of the YPA Halloween Event Committee please email Talei and Melanie. (

We would love your help! Our first meeting is October 7th at 2.45pm.



In the Junior School, the Athletic Programme is designed to help students understand the values of  enthusiasm, respect and commitment. Sport helps in the development of these attributes. We value that so many of our Junior School students choose to be student-athletes in either Gladiator Athletic Development Programmes (GADP) or as a member of an Athletic team. Over 55% of our Junior School students are actively participating in athletics this term in four GADPs and on five competitive athletic teams. 

Our goal, with respect to Athletics, is to have students understand and embrace the concept of student agency while feeling proud of their accomplishments, contribution to our school community and their commitment to being a student-athlete. After much reflection and discussion, we have concluded that awarding individual members of athletic teams runs contrary to our mission of promoting the qualitative effect of helping children develop a lifelong passion for participation in sport and recreation to foster a healthy and active lifestyle. As such, we are moving away from our practice of honouring student-athletes with individual awards at the end of each season to a new approach where we celebrate our Junior School student-athlete’s experiences and growth as members of an athletic team. We believe that the power of this narrative will be compelling and perhaps be the impetus for more, if not all, of our students to pursue recreational athletic endeavors at school. 

Five cultural pillars of our athletic culture
1) Habits - understanding of establishing positive habits
2) Attitude - continuous improvement based Mindset
3) Relationships - mutual respect amongst teammates, coaches and officials
4) Daily Celebrations - appreciate our athletes every day. (It is not awards that make the celebration)
5) Balance- wellness and athletics have a mutually beneficial relationship

Travelling during the upcoming long weekend?  Why not utilize  or The York Library card number is the student’s York username [First letter of your first name + your last name + last 2 digits of the year of high school graduation. For example, this year’s Grade 4 students graduate in 2028]. A password is not necessary.

Each patron can check out 5 digital books for a three week loan period each. Happy Reading!

If you have  any Sora questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Spencer, Teacher-Librarian 

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Junior School Athletic Practice Schedule Fall 2019

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